Monday, June 30, 2014

Fish & Co. (2nd visit)

 Had mummy-daughter's day out, no adik & papa hehehe...
This, too, happened before ramadhan! 
Salam ramadhan!

Went to paradigm, to do some shopping! 
Sebenarnya nak shopping dekat Kaison je, but, biasalah, ladies~ mesti lebihsudu dari kuah ye dok! hehehe :p

Nevermind, what i would like to share today is, we had lunch at Fish & Co.! yumms! let's straight go to the foods-we-ordered part!

Starter Platter 
RM 18.95

Combinations of fried calamari, fish nuggets, shrimps, fries! 

Seafood Spaghetti 
RM 20.95

Mama ordered this! yummms! Loaded with seafoods like mussels, shrimp, calamari with tomato-based sauce!

I ordered Swiss Fish & Chip
RM 18.95

Yes, boleh nampak kan bendera Swiss yang tertanam dalam fries tu!
The fish & chips is delish! I mean, it kinda suit my taste... It just, too many fries, and there's no way i can finish all of this! So, ceritanya, tapau...

Last visit (click) was with Izzat, and we only ordered Fish & chips! 
I would really recommend fish lovers to try out this food place, because the price is more or less the same with MFM but the foods is different & delicious too! 


Mime MF said...

Fish&Chip nampak yummyyy...!!:D

A Girl Like You said...

memang yummms! ;)