Friday, May 31, 2013

Fish & Co.

 Luncheon date with love♥ yesterday

WE selected fish & co., One Utama
Never tried...
And there're huge selection of Fish and chips(with different sauce & ingredients), besides pasta, salads, etc...

His Swiss Fish & Chip
RM 17.50
With some lemon garlic taste & cheese

Italian Fish & Chips
RM 17.50
So very cheezy... I think they used mozarella cheese, huge amount of mozarella...
I like it!

However i couldn't finish it!

Great place for fish & chips! :)
And i can say the service here, in One Utama branch is good!

So, till the next post! ;)


Siti Sarah Abadan said...

wowwww looks yummyyy! xD

Farhanah said...

Hi sis ! Sis segamat juga? sya dekat bt6 :)

A Girl Like You said...

Siti sarah : yeah it is! :)

Farhanah : Yes, i am... ohhh, batu anam, kg papa i tu! ;)

fatin aziz said...

wahhh..nampak sedap terliur la pulak malam2 ni..hehe..salam kunjung.. :)