Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day out before ramadhan, check!

Well, i still loveee to post silly post like this whatsoever, so, baca je...

Gossip sesh, check! (puas hati)
No lah, kidding, mana ada gossip laaa =.= iyeee... 

Foods from Chili's : Cajun Chicken Sandwich (RM 23.90), Beef Bacon Burger (RM 24.90), Scampi Pasta (RM 35.90), besides the famous bottomless Nacho's (RM 13.90)

We can't even finish the nachos, sopan sangat tau!
I wanted to refill the nachos soooo badly, but, too bad... tak habis lagi ada!

With double S this time! Shahezza & Syaliza (to know them better pls refer to 'Girls Day Out' Label over ---> )

Anyway, i hope it not too late to wish u all, happy ramadhan & happy fasting & selamat beribadah :)
Jangan malas pergi terawih k! ;) 

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