Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blair Waldorf in Green

Salam. Hi! 

Well, nothing much... it just, i love love Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester and i love to compile her pictures together! 

Last time i compiled the BW in yellow pictures (click), if anyone remember (i bet no) :p 'cause i think she worn lots of yellow, 
Now i'm compiling some of my favourite of, Blair in GREEN!
Nevermind, here we go... BW's fans, enjoy! ;)

From the episode "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" of Season 2...
Who doesnt remember this sweetest scene ever! And who doesnt remember that green coat, right! 

Her dress is love! 
One of my very favourite! 

Actually this is one of my favourite dress of blair, too...
The design is simple but what i love is the fabric
From season 2 i think!

This long dress is quite memorable as well!

the mint blouse! And she's cute with that hat!

In the episode "New Haven Can Wait", where B & S had a catfight during the meeting with the dean (YALE) ! Beside the dress, i'm loving the Mary Jane shoes she's wearing, too!

I bet Blair wore a lot of green at Yale
This is during her interview with the dean!

Who doesn't know "Victor, Victrola" episode, right! 
That lacey vintage dress... i want that kind of dress, but i want a long dress...

Noticed the green scarf? Gorgeous! 

Finally, her graduation robe! Also in green! :p Always pretty with Serena! 


Frydolina Fay said...

Ah. Lucky BW, she can pull off any colour and still looks gorgeous.

A Girl Like You said...

Agree! We should really learn from her, right! haha... :)