Sunday, April 13, 2014

Girls Day Out!

It has been quite a longgg time i didnt meet up with my girlfriends which are my fellow hostelmates...
I'm so glad that i could meet 'em! But i'll be more glad, if i can meet all of 'em! 

On this date we set up, only 3 availables! ;) 

"Of Course We Have Scampi" Pasta & Cajun Shrimp are always gorgeous! Yumms!

 First, good foods

I don't know why finally we all agree on Bubba Gump... 
Well, good food is a must to accompany good conversations!
Lagipun, we're so starving that time, especially me! I kan kuat makan!

2nd, shopping 

These girls, nampak barang semua nak shopping! Semua nak beli! 
First damage, Aidijuma store! It was on sales... 

Then Ikea... =.=

But i only shopped a bit! ;p

3rd, selfie

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