Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blair Waldorf in Yellow

Well, Blair is my favourite, inside the Gossip Girl as well as outside the movie! 
She has a preppy classic and polished style! 
She look flawless even when she's sleeping!!! 

Blair wore lots of colors with many great great outfits, but she keep her signature preppy styles!

I was thinking to make some compilation of her styles!
 So we start with color, yellow!!! 
because she wore a lot of yellows!

Cute yellow dress in Dark Knight episode!

Blouse with floral skirt, gold neclace, yellow bangles, red lips!  

Her shape perfect for any styles! 

Loving the oversized blouse paired with short skirt... 

Blouse + skirt, again  

Stylish in yellow coat & belt, paired with a pair of bright color leggings...

Another yellow coat in season 3!

yellowish with her minion & best friend! 

Last but not least, look at the gorgeous handbag

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