Sunday, March 30, 2014

Halal Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As i mentioned in my last year's post, oppps., i wanted to share the halal restaurants in HCM City, Vietnam, remember? So here it is! :D

1. Kampung Melayu Halal Restaurant

This restaurant is located not far from the Ben Than Market, it is in one of the alley there! 
Served various types of rice & noodles, just, malaysian daily foods...
from the picture above : mee udang, nasi goreng, canthonese mihun & some drinks...

2. Basiroh

This is just a warong, cheapest place to dine... But this warong kecik sangat, tapi still boleh duduk, pelik tapi benar...
The best viatnamese beef noodles i've ever tastes!!!
Murah & sedap sangat!
The meatball plus the soup & the daun basil kot... yummms! Rinduuu!

3. Serai Restaurant

Another quite fancy halal restaurant there... Restoran ni berlatar belakang kan KLCC, boleh tak? Malaysia sangat! :p The owner is malaysian i believe... and the owner is actually chinese...

The viatnamese noodles served here is not as good as Basiroh though.

3. Restoran di dalam masjid (Mekong)

The food was good. tapi kitaorang tak order apa2, semua nya our agent dah order kan, tak best... tapi sedap! 

4. Halal@Saigon

This restaurant, i'm loving it! The food was awesome! We only found this restaurant on the 2nd last day of our trip! Kalau tak boleh makan selalu...
This restaurant located right in front of Saigon Muslim Mosque! 

Barulah dapat rasa makanan vietnam sedap sikit! 
Really yumms! and the mussels tasted really unique!

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