Friday, March 28, 2014

Batu Feringghi, Penang, Malaysia

Two words, relaxing & authentic... 
Eventhough this is not Bali, there's beautiful sides of this little place...

A glass of fresh orange always completing a beach getaway~ 

Welcome drink provided by the hotel! 

Well, there's a lot a of beachside hotels u could choose! Most of them are equally satisfying!
And we stayed in Holiday Villa...

U want activities? Parasailing, horse riding, banana boat and more u can choose from! 
But my family and i decided to just chilled.
I pun, tak de maknanya berani nak berparasailing bagai, especially there's an uncle from the shop nearby told us, ada orang meninggal ber-parasailing last month... I was like, ok, krik3x, cause i would never ever try that... So takyah cerita pun tak apa...
Don't u know? I kan girlish, gituh... I don't do paraisaling~ =.=

Besides the promising beautiful view of sunset at the beach, the night life is quite, hmm, coloful i would say! I love it! 

The night view of Feringhi... There's alot of restaurants over there, can be reach by walking, or to add more value to your vacay, u can take trishaw!

My family and i first walk around the flea market which sold all sorts of beautiful things! I bought night lamp at only MYR 20 each! I bought 2 beautiful lamps for my room...

And the shop, is super super beautiful!
Everyone couldnt resist to take picture of the place~

Since there are a lots of middle eastern restaurant there, my dinner was, Pakistani!

And finally, there are a lot, a lot (no doubt) of foot massage service offered! 
So my family and i ended the night with relaxing our feet...! 
I just love massage!

That's my lil brother!

So this time, i just want to highlight the beauty of Feringhi! Hee~
That's it! Till then! ;)

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  1. this is my hometown :)
    hehehe!! come back soon for visit tau :)
    anyway... thanks singgah blog atie..

    thanks reading my novel.
    this is the novel tag bab 1 till 6

    i followed your blog!