Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty Hauls (February 2014)

Salam. hey all!
Sorry sorry... Actually this entry has been sitting in my draft for months, i can't even remember which month i uploaded this thing in the draft! 

So sorry~ 

And here are my favourite new stuffs, new in my collection! at least! 

Victoria Secret Bombshell Set

Hmm, this was a present actually, birthday present... from someone special, aww~ 
I'm loving the smell! never thought he can be good at picking these kind of stuffs! :p I can be really picky sometimes, but this smells is gorgeous... now I am thinking to go get the perfume! hee~
I really like it! 
It have somekind of glamorous fruity & floral smell, it a mixture kot! :p But it fresh! Loveee it!

M.A.C. Studio Perfect SPF 15 Foundation

Tell you what! This foundation works perfectly for me... IT smooth, and soft... not so powdery as well! :)
i love it! But i not officially use it yet, 'cause my previous dior powder haven't totally finish! 
But i just gedik! At least this is my back up... I would love to use many brands of blushs, lipsticks etc, but for compact powder i usually use one brand at once! Macam2... 

Clinique Moisturizer

This moisturizer actually comes together with the cleanser and toner, yeah the 3 steps thingy...
But i just needed the moisturizer so badly that time, yeah, during that hot hot weather & hazy days...
My skin get dry so quickly, my current moisturizer can't afford to fix it~ And i remember i used this once and it worked to perfection! So i just go to the mall & grab it!
(Dulu pun sama gedik pergi tukar2!)
This worked perfectly as day cream & night cream as well! So dah jimat di situ! And it suits my dry skin so well!

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Plum

My lipbalm memang cepat habis... Go to bodyshop, grab one flavour & it done! Easy!
Plus, this lipbalm worked perfectly with dry lips, and the flavours are nice, make me want to keep on applying it! 
Comes with many more flavours like lychee, strawberry and caramel (my favourite!) etc.

Ok till then! ;) 

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