Saturday, June 22, 2024

Souka Bakeshop @ SS15, the Menu & the Food

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I've never thought there's such a nice cafe in Subang Jaya! In my opinion, Souka Bakeshop is one of the best cafe in Subang Jaya!

What I meant here was, Souka Bakeshop, is no ordinary cafe, it gave u the peaceful feelings, cozy & calm, and most importantly, I love all the menus I tried here...

Been here twice actually, and here are my thoughts....⤵

Souka Bakeshop 

Souka Bakeshop which located in SS15, has a very nice ambience.

During my visit, I saw a lots of customers, I bet they're their regulars, came for coffee & cakes, just to chit chat with their friends... And on the other hand, there're customers who came with their laptops, just to do their work! 

I even chatted with one of the lady there, whom happens to be a lecturer. She said she love to go there to do her work while having the best coffee in PJ, 'cause the cafe is really peaceful, and she can't focus at home with her kids and all 😆

The Menu

The menu varies from freshly cooked dishes, cakes & pastries, waffles, coffees & other drinks.

We haven't got a chance to try their main dishes, and we surely gonna pay another visit for that! 
The menu looks delish!

The Food & the Prices

The food & drinks prices  starts from RM6-RM30. While the cakes prices ranges around RM12-RM20. And the pastries prices are mostly below RM10.

While at the pastries counter, we just couldn't help ourselves, drooled by all the pastries displayed there!

We decided to try their waffles, pesto kinda pastry (I can't remember the name), and Rifqi ordered Mushroom Soup for himself!

And since we were still hungry, we add-on a lemon scone!

Tell you what, everything was so delicious!

Mushroom Soup, RM12.90

Souka bakeshop menu
Waffles, Pastry (RM5 something), Long Blacks (RM7 each), Watermelon Lychee for Rifqi (RM15)

Lemon Scone

The Ambience

Well, the ambience is definitely one of our favourite things here!

You can choose either an outdoor table or indoor table. 
Both are cozy and perfect for your coffee sesh!

Since I've been here twice, I sat outside once, and experienced the indoor table, once!

This cafe is totally COZY! It gave me the nice and comfortable feelings, that's all I can say! 

I totally wanna pay another visit, and another visit, and another visit, again and again!

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  1. boleh try nanti kalau akak ada kat this area..

  2. Food presentations in the menu are well articulate.