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Goya Heal - The All-natural Antibacterial Wound Healing Spray.

 Assalamualaikum & hi guys! 😊

Have you ever heard of wound healing spray?

It was my first time too, when I was introduced to Goya Heal The all-natural antibacterial healing spray.

Goya Heal healing spray is very useful for me, as a mother and as a homemaker! 

Being busy in the kitchen, no matter how careful I am, I sometimes cut myself in hurry. 

Being injured while cooking is a common situation for anyone whose works a lot in the kitchen!

On the other hand, being a mom to an active little boy also requires you to always be prepared.

You will face so many types of injuries while raising up a boy. Lol.

For examples: being scratched by a cat; falling while running; or got injured while climbing up to places he;s not supposed to 😆 

Thus, fast healing spray is much needed by this mommy!

Goya Heal - How it works?

Let me share with you guys how does this healing spray works and why, the effects is so fast!

GOYA HEAL helps by creating a synthesised protein coating which enables a faster and more efficient method of healing for its patients. This enables patients to gain immunity for future infections.

PROTEIN ELEMENTS - Protein compounds are crucial in the fight against bacterial infections and tissue building hence leading to the repair of the skin’s texture. GOYA HEAL boosts the protein synthesis which enables the further prevention of diseases and infections.

Who should use Goya Heal?

Goya Heal is suitable for a few skin problems & wounds.

The first one is, it is suitable for those whose having skin problems such as: Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Flaky Skin

Secondly,  Goya can help to heals general wounds.

It act as Anticeptic Cleaning for minor cut, burn and scalds.

Thirdly, Goya is suitable for those who suffers from diabetic wound. It helps to clean and heal.

Ingredients of Goya Heal

1. Bittermelon - for effective instant healing.

2. Mangosteen - Provide immunity, and has anti- inflammatory properties.

3. Nano Zinc - Reduce toxic effects & modulates immunity.

4. Oxygenated H2O - For hydrating and replenish purpose. 

Benefits of Goya Heal

Fast wound repair - The Bitter melon as the main ingredient promotes granulation tissue growth & act as natural insulin.

💟Painless experienceJust spray & wait for the results! 

💟Comprehensive sterilization - Since this products contain mangosteen essence, it provides immunity to the spot that been sprayed and this help to fights infections!

💟Skin friendly - This water-based product is colourless, odourless & non-sticky

💟Easy to carry - The packaging is so lightweight and I can carry it with me anywhere!

How to use Goya Heal

Just spray to the affected area and leave it on.

Do not rinse, and use regularly every few hours for the best result!

My Personal Experience

As a busy and clumsy mommy myself, I've accidentally cut my fingers a few times while cooking, and I simply spray Goya Heal to the injured wound and it heals in no time. Most importantly, it is not painful when you spray!

This is why my son, Rifqi, love this healing spray so much too!

He suffers for itchy skin sometimes due to the hot weather and he sometimes scratch his skin until bleeding. So, all I have to do is spray Goya Heal to the place he scratched, and wait till the wound's gone!

And, I don't have to worry that the spray will cause pain to the wound, because, it is not! Very skin friendly!

That's why my family loves it!

Goya Heal is a Trusted Product


Not to worry guys, Goya Heal is certified with Sirim, NPRA Malaysia & SGS.

Product details

Premium Wound Healing



Can get it from their website & official Shopee as per mentioned below.




For more details, visit Goya Heal's website & social medias!





And u can also purchase thru Shopee 😀

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