Friday, September 1, 2023

#MovieReview : Mendua Series

 Assalamualaikum & hi guys! 

I just watch an Indonesian series, recently, at Disney Hotstar. 

This series totally gave me adrenaline rush ...

Cerita tentang kecurangan, selingkuhan, kesetiaan yang dikhianati, oh gitew... 

I think u guys can guess already which series I was talking about.

Yes, it is Mendua, guys!

Despite of all the Malaysians are obsess with Perempuan Itu, I have to emphasise that, Mendua is more like my type.

Mendua Series

What Mendua is all about

The series lingers around Jakarta; career women whose climbing up the corporate ladder; a small family consists of a husband & wife and their son; and the third person is a fashion designer, daughter of someone influential; and an unfaithful husband whose insecure & claim that he feels "small" around his wife.

Mendua Series
Dr Sekar (Adinia Wirasati) & Ivan (Chicco Jerikho)

Bella (Tatjana Saphira)


Starring Adinia Wirasti, Chicco Jerikho,  dan Tatjana SaphiraThis drama consists of 8 episodes.

8 dramatic and intense episodes! There is no room for leisure!

Love this series and the performance of the actors and actresses were splendid! 


Another thing I love about this series is, the shooting locations. The city of Jakarta is such a beautiful city.

I love all the cafes & restaurant they went to.

And the beach where Dr Sekar ran away to, is so clean and beautiful, too!

Mendua Indonesian Series
One of the many beautiful restaurant in Mendua. 
Where Marsha meeting her old college friend, and what happen next is something u guys should be curious about...

Another beautiful Cafe where Dr Sekar met Jenny (Karina Salim), one of her patient, to ask for help...

Movie Mendua
And another tea house where Bella had tea time with her mother... 
Some resorts, where Dr Sekar went because she was too disapointed and sad about her marriage...
Nice beach, kan!

The Wardrobe 

And one more thing I love about this series, is definitely, their wardrobe!

It is one of the important element I looked forward to when I choose a series to watch!

I love Bella's (Tatjana Saphira) wardrobe 

Mendua The World of Marriage

Mendua the Series


The series started with the introduction to Dr Sekar's and Ivan's family. They seems happy, until Dr Sekar found out that her husband was seeing another woman.

The situation becoming more intense, because, it seems, most of Ivan's family members, including Ivan's mother (Dr Sekar's Mom in Law), knew about the relationship, but being ignorant about that, like it is a small matter.

Mendua Series Review
Dr Sekar (Adinia Wirasti) with her mother in law

Ivan himself, being a mommy's boy, feels insecure about his wife success.

He use that as the reason to cheat on his wife.

On the other hand, Ivan's sister's marriage also not a bouquet of roses as well.

Marsha (Jolene Marie), Ivan's lil sister & her husband Rama (Winky Wiryanan)

Another perspective in this series :  Dennis, Dr Sekar and Ivan's only son, fighting to get more attention from his mother whose so busy with her career; Dennis seems to be closer to his father, than his mother. This is another conflict in Mendua...

Mendua Series
Very emotional scene between Dr Sekar and her teenage son, Dennis (Bima Azriel)

Wanna know who Dennis choose to live with, at the end of the series ? 

Watch Mendua! U won't regret it!

Adaptation from The World of The Marriage 

Fyi, this series is the adaptation from the Korean Series, The World of the Marriage.

However, I never watched that series before, because, I 'm not so into Korean series 😆

My Personal Thought

Overall I rate it 4.8⭐.

I love the emotional ride throughout the series. Mendua took lots of tears, especially the scene where Dr Sekar knew, that her husband cheated on her but, being a very mandiri or independent kind of woman, she just, doesn't have anyone to share her feelings, her misery... 

She can't even explain to her own son; and she never asked her husband directly, maybe because, she think, if she didn't say it out loud, things gonna change... She heal her own wound, until, she cannot bear it anymore...

The climax of this series during Ep 5 where Ivan's mom died, we thought that there's gonna be lights at the end of the tunnel, but in Ep 6, Ivan did it again, and this time, there's no turning back for Dr Sekar's and Ivan's marriage...

Watch it in Disney Hotstar, for more!


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