Saturday, August 3, 2019

Grabean: Get Paid to Travel

Maybe not many has heard about this Grabean App, but it will bring so much benefits to many of us.

The benefits are specifically for 1. People who loves to travels; and 2. people who can't travel but wanna shop like a traveller. Sounds good so far? I think so!

First let me tell u how this Grabean Apps works.
Grabean is a special apps that connects traveller, and shopper, to buy products from overseas with free shipping.
Imagine u as a shopper, when the traveller accepts your request, he/she will go get/purchase the products that you requested.
And finally, the traveller will bring back the items requested by you, and Grabean will deliver the parcel to your doorstep.

You get your items, and the traveller gotta earn some tips!

That's what Grabean is all about. 
But now what i would like to share is, Grabean has launched the new version. 
Upgrade / Sign up now to get RM300 voucher. 

Here's how:

Step 1 : Go to My Account > Voucher
Step 2 : View all Vouchers & Collect till max limit
Apply the voucher when checkout

Sample step to collect RM 300 voucher

Another good news is, Grabean has partnered with United States outlets.
Now, you can direct purchase premium outlet product direct from the United States.
What Grabean provide for Premium Outlet are :
-100% Authentic
-Direct from United States
-200% Money Guarantee back
-7 days Return

Me myself have tried out this brand new Grabean apps. 
For the sake of trying, i've bought one bag, at a very affordable price

Directly from US, 100% authentic, with price tag and paperbag, and of course i got 50% off.
That's why i can't resist!!! 

There are two ways to shop. First, by Grabean catalogue.
You can choose from the Category offered. (Refer to your Grabean App please...)

Secondly, you can also submit your oversea order and ask traveller bring back for you with FREE lifetime international shipping fee.  

It only happen when you can’t find the items you wish from catalogs , then you can use the submit order method.

And lastly, I'm gonna share the benefits to the travellers pulak.
Enough of teaching you guys how to shop, now lets talk business (wah gitu), lets talk about how we can earn.

HELLOOO Grabean travellers...

Easy steps for ya!
Just plan a trip and view travel reward

You can start offer to help and claim the travel reward.
Good news! 
Now all the order in travel reward already paid. Just offer to help and proceed to purchase. Don’t forget to purchase and click “Bought” in 24 hours after you claim the rewards.
         And, don’t forget to claim the duty free order before returning to Malaysia. Once back to Malaysia, just drop off at KLIA/ KLIA2 airport drop off point >
Not just products and items, now, you also can shop for travel service like: Admission ticket, day tour, simcard, wifipocket and etc. 

1. To download, go to the link below



2. or u can go to Grabean website:


  1. Anyone can let me know how to contact crabean? Coz I require my money back more that 1 months, but crabean still not yet refurn to my bank a/c. Pls call me 0198777877 if anyone hv any idea. Thanks

    1. 012-285 8777 their director contact called Wei han

  2. I couldn't contact them for my refunds. Not sure they are still in business?

  3. I liked Grabean and I feel that it has potential but I think they're no longer in business. It's sad because I really like the idea of shopping for people while travelling and earning a bit of money and Jetspree is more alcohol and duty-free (mostly alcohol) focused.