Friday, September 22, 2017

Masterchef US Season 8 winner is...

I meant to write this post before the Masterchef finale... But well, life got hectic...
Mom's life is really hectic...! 

Well, MasterChef US this season has been accompanying Izzat and I every Thursday night. And sometimes, i watched some of the episodes more than one time. This situation has always occured to me whenever i'm watching any cooking shows... Last time, my favourite was My Kitchen Rules Australia...

"So for the MasterChef US fans,  we are aware that the finale gonna be this week... Checking on the contestant social media, i can see they're all preparing for the finale...So who are u rooting to?"
(i meant to write that before the finale, remember?)

Jason, Eboni & Dino, the finalists for 2017.

I was rooting to Jason, after Cate (my favourite contestant, being eliminated)
Since the grand final is over and we all know that Dino has became our Masterchef for season 8, so, till then! Congratz Dino and, good job Jason for giving such competitive dishes...! 

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