Thursday, February 25, 2016

My birthday treats ♥

My birthday this year is so special. I'm someone's wife, and a mom to be :)

On the birthday itself, went to work together with the husband as usual :)
Lucky that the February closing of account does not fall on for this date this year, so i expect to go back early (what i meant by early at my workplace is 7pm++) :)

husband got this sent to my office on the birthday itself  
loving the flower arrangement!

My first charm from love! ♥ 

And on my birthday night, we had buffet family dinner with my family at Grand Season Cafe.

On the next day, my husband and I both took a day off because i need to go for check up. Thus, after the check up we went out for a date lah!

For dinner, he took me to Prime, by surprise...
I really never ever thought of Prime at Le Meridian, at all!

I'm loving the surprise, thanks sayang! 
I was just too worried that the foods gonna be too pricey..

It was pricey, I ordered Salmon and he ordered chicken...
However, when we called the bill, the malay staff told us that if we pay using Maybank Card the price gonna reduce by 40%... What?!!! Rezeki jangan ditolak...
Believe it or not we only spent around RM 100 for the dinner...!!! :)

Ordered potato wedges for sides... 

And the cheesecake is really really splendid!!!!! 

The bread was served as complimentary...

Got those balloons when he told the staff that the dinner is for my b'day celebration...

There u go... my salmon...

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