Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fish & Co. (3rd visit)

Salam. hey everyone, sorry i just can't help it, i want to share all the menu i've tried in Fish & Co. 
I can't help to loveee all the foods they are serving. here!

These are my first & second visit post (click the words)

So here we go, the foods for my 3rd visit, happened past few weeks ago...

Lunch for two!  Dating lettew~ 

 We both ordered fish, it was baked to perfection
Sooooo well cooked, it not overcooked at all! I loveeee my fish liddat!

He ordered grilled fish, which, was a dory... And he insist me to order salmon since he knew i love salmon! but my set contain a slice of white fish as well! What s white fish? we both don't know what white fish is...
Ikan tu warna putih la ye dok?!

 Grilled Fish with mashed potatoes & coleslaw
(we actually can choose 2 side dishes for this meal!)
RM 18.95

Salmon & White Fish with seasonal veges & chips
RM 26.95

Izzat's fish was served with somekind of terriyaki sauce while mine with somekind of sambal, but both are delicious! Rasa nak lari pergi Fish & Co. sekarang jugak! :p

We also add on a soup of the day & soft drinks which cost us another RM 8.95

Thinking of those fishes, boleh mengigau... So yummy! 
My favourite fish place for now!!!

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