Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mukha @ TTDI

Went there for the so-called birthday dayout!
For some shot of coffees, cakes, and candles... heeee~

Went to Mukha, a cafe that we always heard about million of times!! 
Since TTDI is not too far from Damansara and we were in damansara already, so, decided to try! He decided to take me here actually... Thank u !

It was a nice simple place, just to chill... next time we should really try the main courses coz it seems interesting! 

Candid shot from me... hee! ;p

Ok this is his Cappuccino
RM 10

And my Flat White
RM 10

The Blueberry Cheesecake
RM 10

And oh my birthday cake♡♥ 
Red Velvet Cake
RM 10

The candles and the wordings was a surprise... ohhh cute sangat :pp hihi...

So happy omg omgeee...! :p

Thank u boyfriend, u r the mosttt handsome man in the entire world! Errrr... =.=

Speaking about handsome! The waiter who served the cake, was quite good looking, he looks a bit like zain saidin, but better version! :p

Ok, till then! ;p

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