Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year End Beauty Haul ❁

Hi lovelies, beauty haul, haaa?!
Well, girls would understand, no matter how many things/products we bought from the store, it will always NOT ENOUGH
There's always something new, catchy, and beautiful, literally, that will always catch my eyes & my purse! :p
Right, girls?!

So now, I would like to share, my pick this month! ;) #boleh ?!

Honey by Marc Jacobs 100 ml
RM 360

Just by hearing the name, u know how delicious it is! :p I loving the smell to the max! My dream perfume
Bought this when i went shopping with papa! Yeayyy!

Make Me Star Gel Eyeline by Faceshop (Dark brown & Purple) 
RM 30 for 2 

They 're having sales during the time... It is waterproof & quite glittery when u apply it! 
I am quite lovin' it! But i always prefer pencil eyeliner... my bad... 

Flake Away Body Scrub by Soap & Glory
RM 39 

This one, i totally love it! It contain sea salt and whatsoever, and when u use it, the texture of the scrub is quite rough but it will, like, kinda clean ur skin! Love! i gave 4 and the half stars! (Will give 5 stars if i become snow white suddenly!)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC06 Istabul)
NYX Powder Blush (PB14 Spice)
Both RM 24

Cheap! Isn't it?! The matte lipstick, i'm loving it! I promise to myself to collect ALL colors including tokyo, Amsterdam, antwerp etc! I love it!
And the blusher, a common one and i satisfied! 

Lavendar Tea Salt Mask Foam from Skin Food
RM 38

Loving my new cleanser! It  smells nice & it somehow act like a scrub too! 

That's it! For now... coz i am still thinking what else to buy....phew~ 
Till then! ;)


Dzureen Darwis said...

can you write a review on the skinfood cleanser later? :-)

A Girl Like You said...

boleh my dear! :)

Nabilah a.k.a Bie said...

hi. i'm new :) NYX u bli kt mna ?

A Girl Like You said...

Hi! :) NYX i beli dekat sephora... :)

Farisha Nadia said...

Nice choice on the Honey by Marc Jacobs! I really love the smell too :D