Sunday, December 29, 2013

#OOTD Wedding

I have plenty of baju kurungs, and i love to wear it, TO THE WEDDING, only (but depends on mood sometimes i wore it to class, very rare!)... :pp hee~ 
This one was during ezza's big brother's wedding...

The kurung modern i worn it once here (Love the lace so much & forever!) but i match it with a different kain this time, that batik, my dad bought it long time ago, somewhere in indonesia i think... 
Tudung bawal jer from jalan tar
Heels from Charles & Keith (pernah ke tak C&K?!)
Handbag from guess
Purple Necklace from Heart Attact  (yang accessories comel2 tu :p)

Ezza is the one in blue! 


Dzureen Darwis said...

saya pun pakai baju kurung ke majlis kahwin saja. Kelas pun pakai jeans je

A Girl Like You said...

Kan! sometimes2 ada mood i pakai p kelas, tp depends on kain baju kurung tu la, yang selesa, okay... :D