Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lil Brother's Birthday Dinner @ Delicious, Midvalley

no, i'm not gonna talk a bout the birthday! 
But anyway, happy birthday my baby brother, the one and only sibling i have :) 
Don't bother, he's still a kid anyway... haha! :p But he's already started his degree la, but my papa always thought that his one and only son is still a kid
Why bother why bother (pinjam tagline azwan ali)

So during that day, after done spent a whole day around KL...
So for dinner i suggested Delicious, because the cakes & the desserts are nice there... 
Birthday, kena ada kek lah, kan! 

Delicious, MidValley

The Delicious Iced Tea
RM 8.90

Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad
RM 25.90

The salad is quite nice, the seasoning is all there... i just think that it kinda overpriced for such a plain salad like this! 

Seafood Marinara Spaghetti
RM 25.90

One thing that's obvious here is, the presentation, cant u at least wipe the edge of the plate first before serving it?! The taste is good, it ok i guess...

Homemade Pesto Spaghettini
RM 22.90

The pesto, so this is my food... The sauce is splendid... Sedap... I love it! 
Tapi tu lah, it just served with sauce(only) and that leaf & some grated cheese... hmm... 

Hainanese Chicken Chop
RM 24.90

This one is my brother's... Sedap... Cuma (ada je tapi!), i think the chicken is cold already when it was served...  So so la...

Thus, all the main dishes, just nice la... they were eatable but not too worth it...

Strawberry Cheesecake
RM 14.90

Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova
RM 13.90

But when it comes to the desserts... Wow... Made my day! Wah gitu sekali...
The strawberry cheesecake is really moist, sedap sangat!
And the chocolate pavlova, hmm, yumms, i fall in love with pavlova already, all these while my feeling toward pavlova is just biasa2 jer... 

Yeayyy for their desserts

And that is my little brother... comot kan! hmm....