Monday, November 18, 2013

Body Scrubs

Well, look at me! So mengada... Still want to blog even my exams is just 'round the corner! 

So here, i need to get new body scrub and i have few options! 
I dont know which one to choose! All seems so irresistable?! 
Yeah and mostly, they're all foods~ :p

So, anyone? ;)

1. Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub from Body Shop
2. Flake Away Body Polish fro Soap & Glory
3. Honeymania Body Scrub from the Body Shop
4. Chocomania Body Scrub from the Body Shop
5. Coffee Body Scrub from skin food

And i will post about my shopping wishlist soon, until i gotta do my very own year end shopping!!! 
Cant wait!!!
At the mean time, i will do a lil2 bit of shopping, to release my stress, and i will share my favourite stuffs later! ;) Till then! ;)

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