Friday, October 11, 2013

Nuffnang FoodFest 2013

Hey! Gonna talk about nuffnang foodfest! *intro macam orang malas*

Happened last saturday, it a fun fun food event! Like what nuffnang said, it is Malaysia's first ever Tw(eat) Fest, where, u TWEET & u gotta EAT (of course it free!  That's why we love nuffnang, and the sponsors, right! :p )

Around 3pm+ (after having lunch), baru lah kitaorang pergi this Blue Atrium in Sunway Pyramid, and register... Upon the registeration, dapat lah goodies (the NNFoodFest badge & a cute macaroon)!
Love it!

Banyak juga vendors joined this event, yang well-known pun banyak sangat, and some of them, are really really my favourite! Hmm, happy nya~ ;p
Ada Chatime, Juice Works, Nandos', Waroeng Penyet, Maggi of course, Crazy Potato etc... 

First booth we saw, maggi! 

And then we proceeds to so many more stalls la! 
It easy, u stop by the stall, interested, tweet, and show them the tweet and u'll get ur foods! Easy!
Another way is, u can actually scan the QR code provided, because there is an Apps for smart phone, specially for this event! aww, i like! 

Hewhew, chatime is my alltime favourite! I cant help myself if the smell of the roasted tea swinging in front of me! 

Juiceworks! Also my very favourite! Healthy delicious choice! ;)

Planet Popcorn
Spotted! Everyone's tweeting!
(Loving this photo too, from NN album!)

Seriously, nuffnang cameraman? Thanks for capturing us camwhoring! ;) haha! While lining up to get our Crazy Potato fries!

Got it! Taste really nice man! Plus, he asked for extra sauce dekat lori crazy potato ni (syhhh) sedangkan orang lain semua beratur dekat stall je!

And this! Coffee! #Baristaguildasia
They are not actually selling coffee, but they provide training for baristas, maybe to learn the techniques of brewing good coffees? for coffee lover like him? or us?! 
Interesting right! Kedai coffee dah banyak, now kita train orang buat nice coffee pulak! 
ni pun, i like!

Last but not least, loving the souvenirs, nuffnang... The Les Macaroons is nice too! :D

Thanks for the great event nuffnang! ;) 

Photo credit : Akubiomed's cam , Nuffnang & my own lousy camera ;) 
till then everyone! 


Jueliza Jamani said...

Follow blog adik.. salam kenal.. bestnya pergi foodfest.. tak dpt pergi sebab akak tak sihat n dgn anak lagi. heheeh

A Girl Like You said...

hee~ thank u! :) best jugak la ;)