Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Body Shop Haul ♥

Well, if u girls aware, body shop is having 50%-70% discount! Yes NOW, until 7 November this year! 

And betapa pandainya I, this one day (18 of october, to be specific) is the first day of the sales, and Body Shop store in Sunway Pyramid is not too big for everyone to squeezed, and since it the 1st day of sales, imagine how full the shop is! And I? Tumpang sekaki, meriah sangat uols! ;) hihi!

So i just grab, whatever i saw, and wherever i can fit my body into! Haha!

I need that berry shade lipstick since my current one is finished!... Others, i just bought it for fun, sebab tergoda sangat! ;p Macam I cakap tadi, dapat juga memeriahkan kedai tu, haha! Nak beratur masa bayar tu dah la satu hal! :p 

The shower gel and the body lotion is travel-size, so it will be easy for me to carry that if i go travel anywhere doesn't it! 

And the heart shaped soap, it just, so cute! Don't u think? ;p

Mini Sakura Body Puree
50% off
RM 7.45

Shea Shower Cream
No discount
RM 10.90

Strawberry Heart Shape Soap
50% off
RM 5.95

Colorglide Lip Colour 
Code : 49 Berry Shimmer
50% off
RM 22.50

That's all for now i guess... But, i forgot to buy small-size shampoo, just to complete the collection lah! Aduh!... And honey mania stuffs, smells really nice...! Feels like eating them!

Okies, till the next haul! ;)


Ayu Zan said...

wah! boleh jengah bodyshop ni.

Syahirah Abdullah said...

tq for the warm welcome on my first post in My Cup Of Tea. And I love your blog. Everything so cute to me.

DrNurhuda said...

thanks for sharing dear! after this tgk pulak la ye kita post shopping kat Body Shop :P

follow your: blog

A Girl Like You said...

Thank u babes!!! *hugs*