Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Lookbook ♥

It is sucks when u're so lazy to write anything in ur blog and juz post some random photos, doesn't it?
SO well at first i decided not to write anything, but, tak mau la mcm tu, nanti keypad berhabuk pulak~ 

WEEKEND is the moment i've been waiting for the entire week, every week :p
Coz it's time for some fun! ;p *before the real last final exam come!*

Usually, for weekend, makan sudah pasti! and sometimes we hit the mall, n kadang2 kami berekreasi, too! 

Cheap and satisfying dinner!!! 

Chilling & studying at the coffee shop!
Drink your coffee with style k! ;)

And umm well, mendayung sampan/kayaking
Have been wanting for this! 
That's explain my excited face expression kan?!
Dengan terkangkang2 lagi!

Dekat Shah Alam, it only RM 10 for one sampan/kayak!

This place tak berapa sedap! 
Really, i need some suggestions on 'good foods in Shah Alam?', please?

a delicious new pizza to end this weekend! 

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