Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweetness ♥

Title entry pun dah manisss, aww ... :p 

This was like, advanced birthday celebration la...
Happened the night before the DAY, equal to, the night before our Advanced Taxation paper!

So, everyone in these pictures,

Syaliza & Iqa 

Nadiah & Ezza

My Izzat & Farid

thank u for spending some of ur precious time with me ;p
Coz i know all my friends and izzat gonna were having paper the next day!
But still, ambil sedikit masa, tu yang sweet tu! :p 
Keh keh keh... 

even just some birthday songs
daripada tone suara yang berbeza2 & pitching lari2 sikit...takpe lah abaikan
Thanks for sharing ur pizzas with me, Nadiah, Iqa, Ezza, Syaliza, Mirrah...

And thanks for the cupcakes, baby :)
So sweet of u... Ade improvement dari segi memilih texture & color :p
Rasa pun sedap...

I really love the cakes, sayang! Thank youuuu! 

Sempat lepak kat old town white coffee while waiting the moments of 23 yrs old :p

And for all the wishes through facebook & texts & tweets, 
thank u!



hai and happy belated bufday :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u!!! :) - A Girl Like You