Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, today kan... I goto check mata... And actually我已经配了a spectacles... =) alar, power pun x tinggi lagi... 50... but the point is, i love the glasses n i'm sooo goin' to wear it, when needed, like when i'm driving, masa mengahadap lappy, or in class... hihi~ So, today i have my first glasses (not including SUNglasses lar, hahaha...) N i love it so much ;))
Okie, that's all... 

And, i was thinking to change my hairstyle... but what? or x nak change(i hate changes btw)? Okie, the point is to straighten it again or juz leave my original hair??? If juz leave the original hair means doesnt change... haiz... what? whatever!

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