Saturday, August 1, 2009

Okie...since last week not updating, n since now i'm in my beloved hometown, ahah... ya know... Just Like Heaven!!! yeayy...So, hmm, i wanna summarize d whole week in campus, all together lar... ;p

 Monday : ~Econs class in d evening (that's all)~
Tuesday : ~Busy get ready-ing for midterm(but my roomies more bz...)coz i oso busy with playing  Typing Maniac in facebook or else my life seems not complete...haha...~n i suddenly busy thinking bout gathering, to gather my high school classmates,5C...~
Wednesday : ~Okie!!! 2 midterm!!! Management(morning) & Marketing(night)...~
Thursday : ~1 more paper,Malaysian Studies... ~Then clazzz...~And Seventeen Magazine is in pur campus, and i bought the latest issue and get Seventeen goody bag..ahah=)~ And at night, busying with convofest meeting, pasang banner all that,go back at 12am...(x jadi movie marathon)~
Friday : ~Class~havin' meeting with my groupmates for management, rhease a bit...~n done~

Actually, i'm quite stress up with d management assignments... Thinking bout what company to be interview, how d question should look like, and also bout d presentation...huhu...but luckily, my groupmates is not bad, good helpers...Tira, Farhana, Nadia, Shamilah&Suraya...They r my groupmates for management, juz sometimes susah sikit nak gather for discussion...

So, as for friday tu,i tot i'm goin' home with train, but then no tickets so malam tu, along & kak shasha  hantar i balik straight to segamat...great!

And as for the gathering tu pula, i hope can make it happen coz, 5C, i miss u soooooooooo much...=( seriously!!! And that gathering is victor's idea...pandai pun nak buat gathering...ahaha
But when i contacted my friends like, 德谨,kiwi, shunfei etc, they wont back coz they're bz la sgt! Daniel oso called n said he cannot come back oso... =( hope that mmu-nians like elsie etc can make this gathering happen, or else...i dunno!!! But i'll work something out, definitely!!!

This is what i miss...

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