Sunday, July 1, 2018

Raya Pertama 2018 ♥

As for this year, we celebrated our first day of raya in my hometown, Segamat.
We went back to Segamat on Wednesday night, so we only gotta puasa in Segamat for one day! 
One day is not enough!!! :((
Not much to do already cause we're too busy preparing for raya already.

As usual, the night before raya (malam raya lah!), mama will be very busy cooking raya foods.
And i'll be busy helping (ceh konon!) 
Yeah, yang boleh2 tolong i tolong lah, such as, tolong tengok, tolong makan, tolong membawang... :p
And potong2 sayur ke, or tolong kacaukan kuah bila mama busy benda lain ;p

Pagi raya

Pagi raya this year, everyone went to the mosque for sembahyang raya, except for me, and Rifqi.
So I have to force Rifqi to wake up and bersiap, 'cause he has been waking up late across the Ramadhan month, so it was hard for him to wake up early that morning.
Tapi paksa jugak!
Nak pakai baju raya nih!

So, after sembahyang raya, everyone is back and we are starving already.
I've been helping to hidang everything earlier while Rifqi still asleep. So, tunggu nak makan jer!
As usual, after my grandma passed away, puksu and pakitam will come to our house every pagi raya.
While pakcik always stayed at our house whenever he's back to segamat.

Menu raya

Sejak masak kat rumah sendiri ni, we've been creating our own traditions and our own menu wajib for every raya.
That is the thing i always miss for the whole year!

Our menus include : Ketupat segera (hehehe, senang!), lemang (beli kat mana2 berkenan), lodeh (mama's favourite), rendang campur paru+perut+hati+limpa etc (my papa and my favourite), rendang ayam & pucuk maman (my favourite and my papa's favourite again), kari daging, and semangkuk kecil kuah kacang (favourite menantu kesayangan mama, Izzat) 

Tema Raya

As for my family of 6 (that include my parents and my brother), we choosed turqoise.
Actually, my mom and I choosed the color.
I just loves pastels and wanted to go all pastels this year(and every year, if possible)!

Rifqi is two years old this year!!!

He knows how to enjoy the raya already!  
So yeah, it's a lil bit too much of Rifqi's photo right here! :p
Budak baru nak up memang camtu!


Bersalam-salaman & photography sesh

After makan makanan raya, it is time for salam raya.
All of our family members usually will sit at an area and bersalam-salaman & bermaaf-maafan.
And the kids will get their duit raya!


Everyone's in the frame are my everything. That boy, sibuk mengekor dengan mama!

See, ada je !

It is not easy to take photos with the kids yaknow!
(Especially Rifqi)...

Love! Seee, somebody is too busy, with his tokma's phone!

Nak suruh bersongkok pun payah!

Only lasted for one second.

Anak  mama forever!

And anak papa, yang dah kurang kasih sayang :p Sibuk dgn cucu!

Best friends sangat lah tu!

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