Friday, May 18, 2018


It is obvious that we have been less coffee hunting nowadays (as compared to last time, before we are parents).

Thus, one evening, we were headed to Shah Alam with no plan, and we decided to go for coffee, and we saw Kopimeo in Seksyen 9 Shah Alam while most of the coffee shops there were close, so we really dont mind to have our evening coffee there!

Entering the cafe, first thing we saw was, there's a small area for kids to play. Although it's small,but it was helpful, cause ya know, kids, they love to play with the new toys, so that kept Rifqi busy, and with that, my husband and I can have our coffee and cakes peacefully.

The foods and the prices

 We browse thru the cake counter, and the menu written on a blackboard.
Husband saw his favourite 'Churros' was written, he wanted to order that but too bad they were sold out. I tried to order juice too, but they were unavailable as well!

Redha je, cause we knew, it was public holiday, many other places were close, and we have no choice but to have whatever they have here!

Finally, i choosed the Burnt Cheesecake from the cake counter; on the other hand, Izzat have chocolate tart.

The price ranging from RM8 to RM13, which is quite, cheap, as compared to other places.

Oh well, the Burnt Cheesecake was such a delish!!! 
I never taste such cake before, and i totally lovin' it!!! So do Rifqi (cause he loves cakes, whatever cakes just name it)!!!

And hubs loving his Chocolate Tart too, well, if there is an option, he always choose chocolate! 

But the Burnt Cheesecake is memorable, though!


The Interior of the Cafe

 What i can say is, it is very hipster. 
White brick wall, with some old speaker... 
Behind the cafe, there is scary kind of stairs (but perfect for photo sesh, and we do snap some pictures there). :p 

And the seats and the tables, just like any other cafe, there were sofas as well as chairs and tables.
Indoor and outdoor.
Choose while u can!!!

 And the best of all, like i mentioned before, there were play area for kids.
And that kept our Rifqi occupied! 
Love it!!!  


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