Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brew Time @ Empire Damansara

Salam.. hey! :) 
Well, as usual, after jalan-jalan, later in the evening we'll menggelabah find coffee shop for coffees. 
This time, we're in Damansara and TTDI was not an option, kinda hate the crowds there so we escaped TTDI that day. 

He suggested Empire Damansara... Pandai eh...!

Hmm, the place was really nice and unique! 
I felt like coming to another world...
Metafora sangat...

Among all of the coffee shops we saw there, we decided to tried Brew Time...

I ordered Summer Breeze (orange + watermelon + lychee) RM 8.90
He ordered long black RM 7.90 and a New York Cheesecake RM 3.95 (we got it half price since we bought a coffee).

The cheesecake was ok, i mean, if it was RM 7 something, it's not okay 'cause the piece was quite tiny... Dont u think?

And the black coffee...

Besides, they also served toast!!! Seems good and i was about to try but, i cant tak up anymore foods that time after our ikea meatball/salmon sesh! 


Leila said...

Hello :) thank you for dropping by. It's nice to meet another coffee enthusiast (you are right?)

Stay in touch

A Girl Like You said...

Hi! :) Hmm, yes... i'm kinda am ;p