Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birthday Thingy : The Flowers

Well, whenever he gave me flowers, it must be red roses, it just the quantity will vary, sometimes 1, sometimes 3, sometimes 5, a dozen roses? coming soon right baby? :p
Yeah, i told him that i love red roses, fine... im the one who told him~~~~~

Actually i really dont mind (and i actually wishing) to get some other flowers, like pink roses, or carnation, or tulips, or lily... lol...
Need to write it here to give him some hint without speaking, hehe :p

This bouquet is for my birthday
The most beautiful bouquet i've ever get... Loving it!!!

Yeah, loves it! 

Anyway, thanks to the pak guard at my workplace for the blurry picture...
Work until late night on a thaipusam day, which was my birthday ;(

Lucky that he came to surprise me for lunch! ;(

Thank u dear!!!!!!! 


Nor Faizah said...

Love the roses..anyway Happy Belated Birthday to you :) I love the way you write..
Keep it up!

AzrinaAhmad said...

Ya Allah! Men are like that!!!!!
Once I told my partner I suka Rotiboy original roti, and everyday if he comes to me after work he would buy some. Kalau seminggu 3 kali, sebulan 12 kali... jemuuuuu hahahaha.
Tp I guess men being men, dorg kurang creative utk show their love but they know what we like would make us happy. and love is happiness. haha

A Girl Like You said...

Nor faizah : Hey, thanks :) thanks sbb suka the way i wrote, i reaaaalllly appreciate that! ;)

Azrina : KAN! Men are like that kot, actually papa i pun sama since i kecik2 dulu, apa i suka makan hari2 dia beli, sampai i dah xsuka :pp skrg my fiance plak, i suka red roses tp slalu sgt bg red roses, sampai ku rasakan pudar dlm hatiku :p eceh :p