Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My Aidiladha, goes as usual... 
Celebrating it at my house in Segamat this year, with my family, my pakcik, my pak itam's family, pak usu's family & mak (my grandma).

After the guys came back from sembahyang raya, we all will menghadap the foods prepared by my mom, my aunt & me (tahun ni i tak turun dapur entah apa2, so tahun ni is exceptional).
Our menu were not much different from raya puasa menu, we got lodeh, rendang daging, kari ayam, ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang, sambal tumis etc. But this time my mom cooked nasi dagang as well since my papa bought beras nasi dagang when he went to kelantan past few weeks!
So, nasi dagang di johor lah ok, eventho we dont have any kelantanese around!

gambar sekadar hiasan.

Anyway, i love my mom's lodeh so much!

And after the big big breakfast the guys go to the mosque again to greet the cow thats going to be sembelih & qurban, i dont want to see that 'cause i'm afraid that hatiku terlalu rapuh... :p

So, lunch and dinner, same menu, just add on fried chicken by my mama...
I gained a lot...! Need to eat clean after this!


Ayu Zan said...

Raya mmg susah nak jaga makan kan.hehe

A Girl Like You said...

kan! makan xingat! haha... salam aidiladha ;)