Friday, October 3, 2014

Coffee Club@Subang Parade

Coffee date. As always. 
This coffee place i went to, was lovely. Love the ambience!

Coffee Club is located in Subang Parade in Subang Jaya. Actually, we have been eyeing on this coffee shop for quite some times. There is one time, we were just about to enter the shop, and realized, the shop was not even launched or opened yet... Yeah that was when the shop was still under maintenance kinda thing but the signboard already hanging there, so we thought...

Finally gotta hang around here with him... Well, he loves coffee! And i love the atmosphere! The shops is so comfy, and during that evening, the shop is quite empty, maybe it is like that on weekdays... So, the place is so calming, perfect place to talk!

Trying to be cute by pouring the sugars together, lol... 

Opps, lupa nak cakap, minum kopi je banyak2 perut masuk angin nanti, so kena lah order somthing to eat... 

We both ordered just Long Black Coffees (RM 7.80 each if i'm not mistaken)

And we shared a Chicken Fillet Burger & Chips (RM 23.90), sweet tak :p

We choosed burger instead of a cake, 'cause i'm super hungry that time!
Tell u what, the burger is sooo yumms! De-li-cious!

Satisfied coffee lovers!

So we went for a movie afterwards...~

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