Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maybelline Hauls : May edition

Salam. hey there 
Nothing much, just wanna share my Maybelline hauls... They seems cute lately 'cause they're launching their new ranges of lipstick, and the concealer got a really good reviews from everyone AND their lipbalm's packaging are super cute! I can't resist! Plus, they are so affordable~ 

It is lovely, doesn't it! 

Maybelline LipBalm - Dr. Rescue
Maybelline LipBalm SPF 20 Instant 8 Hours Moisture - Smoothing Cherry
RM 10.90 each

"Cheap things no good, good things  no cheap...", who made that quote again?
It untrue, here... This lipbalm is quite good... it moisturize for quite a long time...
The plus point is, their packaging are super duper cute, don't they? I feel like having all of these range!

525 Peachy Scene
RM 32

I just, in need of peach lipcolor that time... I memang sentiasa in need memanjang~ 
So, i saw these new lipsticks from maybelline and i juz grab one! 
It looks good... but i have to apply a layer of lipliner first 
(i normally didnt apply lipliner 1st when i wear m.a.c.)

Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer
RM 19

This concealer here got many positive reviews, everywhere... That's why i'm, ya know, kinda influenced by all those :p so i bought one! 
And it does worked well on my skin! Love it! Plus, it convenient 'cause it very small and can easily fit in your handbag!
The way to wear it is, tap tap tap, don't rub, k my dears! 

So finally, the pros of these products are, they're cheap, good & cute!

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