Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coffee Societe @ Solaris Dutamas

Tried out a new coffee place! in publika! or solaris dutamas... =.=

Been heard about this cafe since a while, finally we gotta sip the coffees here...
We just love good coffee sesh!

That day, it was raining, quite heavily... so sitting in this shop felt so comfy... Plus, this shop is kinda outdoor (i mean it's not literally in the building), so we can watch the rain & sip the coffees...  It a perfect romantic moment gitu, jangan muntah... 

3rd of May... 
Konon2 monthiversary lagi~ Daa =.=

Plain water as complimentary... 

This is an elegant coffee bar 

Hot cappuccinos during rainy time... 
What else could be this perfect?

Ordered strawberry cheesecake as well!

RM 9 each

Strawberry cheesecake
RM 10

Loving the ambience of the place... the tables are wooden and the chairs are mostly steels... yet it still a very comfortable place for a chilling session :)

And the coffees, are quite good as well ;)
I enjoyed the moment! 

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