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Pretty Little Liars : Aria Montgomery's Styles

Pretty Little Liars

Well, whoever watching this show, yeah, we have been waiting and waiting for the next episodes,to see what's going to happen next, and most importantly, WHO IS A? 
Well, we're in season 4 now! ;) 

The Show

For those who never watch this show before, tell you what, this is addictive. Watch at your own risk... 
The show is about a group of former BFF in Rosewood, lead by the head of the clique, Alison.
One night, after having a slumber party, they were drunk and fall asleep and the next minute, Alison was gone missing. After that, Aria, Hanna, Spencer & Emily went their seperate way. 
However after a year, police found a body and ever since, the girls started to received text message from anonymous recognized as 'A' who knows all the secrets of the girls, WHICH nobody know, except, Alison...
 So, the mystery goes on and on... Who killed Ali? Is she still alive? Who has been sending text message to th girls? And most importantly, who is 'A'???

Anyway, that's not what we going to focus here... Well i would say, the show is one of the most fashionable shows ever! Lets take a look on the girls daily styles! First, lets discuss the most petite Aria Montgomery's edgy bohemian style


Aria Montgomery

Her style is more to bohemian-chic, with lots of edgy and sometimes girly pieces! Steal her looks, and match with yours!


They say black is safest color to wear, and also most boring color... But Aria proof it not true...
With right piece of companion, black will not so boring anymore... Just, accessorize, with some gold pieces... If it a black jacket, wear a bold colored top inside; black also goes well with jeans! Finally, who doesnt need a little black dress huh?!


If you watch the show, you'll realize how many boots Aria owns, maybe more than anything! She always wear different pairs of boots whether to pair it with her cute dresses, skirts or even jeans! For country with cold weather maybe this might look good, but as for my country, Malaysia, i dont think this is a good idea! :p

Jacket is a stylish piece of choice can be paired with dresses or any tops... It'll give a punch of bohemian-chic style, and maybe, rock?... If you watch the show you'll see how often Aria wear leather jackets either with even her girly dress, that makes it more edgy & stylish! So, just go mix and match your girly dresses with leather jacket! 


Stripes oh stripes... Stripes seems fashionable as well, given it vertical or, anything! Stripes patterns would never be boring... Black and white is the most common, but, there're more of the stripes we can find! Mix and match 'em! Aria seems owned a lot of stripes pattern outfit, dresses, skirts, tops, even jackets! See, how efficient stripes is!

Yeayyy, blouses! My favourite! As a muslim girl, i can adopt this very well... Match it with jeans, or pants, or even skirts, you'll look stunning with the right choice! Plain, patterned, prints etc. ! Aria always match her gorgeous blouses with jeans, skirts and sometimes even with leather pants... To looks more chic, add on belt and there you go, you're not boring...


A bohemian chic can look girlish too! But aria will still maintain her Miss Bohemian title! Even with her girly dress, she always add on some edgy accessories whether it necklace or belt, just to remain her chic bohemian style! I love how she styled 'em!

Oh, lace
Lace... hmm... One of my favourite item in the whole wide world! Even her style is edgy, but she sometimes give some girly touch to her style... Lace makes her outfit more sophisticated and elegant! Dresses, detailing of dresses, or even tops! Girly touch added!

Finally, we come to, accessories... Edgy, edgy, edgy, that's the key of Aria's style... She loves to wear edgy necklaces, earings, or sometimes, belt... But sometimes she worn beautiful elegant accessories to certain occasions...

Well, her signature looks definitely her fierce brows... She varies her makeup, sometimes she wear pink lips, berry lips, or even red lips, that's what i love about her! She rock all the colors! Eyeliner and maskaras also her strong point! And she draw her brows neatly doesnt it? I heard eyebrow gel is a good option!


Aria is not my favourite girl, but her style is definitely to die for! 
Till then! See you in the next PLL post!

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