Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Nail Parlour @ Alamanda Putrajaya

Oh how time has passed and i seems so busy to key in anything in here! Sorry!
Well, ehem, my birthday also had passed, few days back! :p
Of course of course babes im sooo going to update all about it, i mean ONLY some of the stuffs relevant... Righttt... okay...

Last two weeks (i think), i gave myself a birthday present, in ADVANCE! A manicure session at The Nail Parlour!
Im alone at home that time, and the boredom strikes! hmm, buat manicure lah!

Went to the alamanda branch!
The staffs there were really friendly, and quite fast... i hope she's a bit slower! coz that's a pampering session! :p

I love the pinkiness of the shop... 
And as a muslim, we dont have to worry because, u just request not to apply any nail polish and yet ur nails will still be silky & shiny (from the buffering effect)

But overall, the RM 65 is worth it! 

Anyway, i would reccomend this place to u girls!

I think i might go back to that branch for a pedicure session maybe! ;)
Let see how it goes... 

But well, hmmph im happy with the present i gave to myself! :p


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A Girl Like You said...

Heee~ Best jugak! u should try!

Am_Mir said...

Wiwitt XD Happy Belated Birthday!! :D <3
Wish all ur dreams come true and goodluck in everything you do. :D