Sunday, February 9, 2014

Laman Grill Steak & Bar-B-Que @ Putra Kajang

This is my first birthday celebration of the year... Dinner with my family at Laman Grill...
OF COURSE i choosed the place! ;p 

We go western! 

Went to the Kajang branch since it nearer to our house...! 

During the time we went there, it was not weekend, but gosh, memang ramai orang, the place was cozy and comfortable, but bila ramai orang it become, less cozy lah... hehe... But actually, the restaurant was quite nice...

I only ordered Green Tea
Good for digestion! :p

New Zealand Lamb Cutlet & Turkish Lamb Kebab
RM 37.50

This is my dad's lamb... He wanted to order australian baby lamb at first, but habis! mengecewakan! :(
But this lamb, super gorgeous! Sedap sangat! Especially the kebab! I really adore the kebab! Teringat2 tau!
They served this with some vege and baked potatoes

RM 23.50

My mama ordered lasagna & sedap sangat! It a beef lasagna! I cant explain much, coz in conclusion, all the foods are too delicious!

Norwegien Salmon & Chilean Blue Mussel
RM 29.50

This salmon is mine... SUPERB! With some veges & potatoes... The slamon is flavoured nicely! n the sauce! Yumms! taste somekind like teriyaki... but i dont think it teriyaki...

Grilled Spring Chicken
RM 27.90

Another yummylicious food from the menu!!! the sides are also superdelicous! The beef tart & the salads, wow! And the portion was huge! 

As the birthday girl (amboi),i just, really satisfied with the foods! my family pun! 
It not because we watch masterchef of things like that, but, memang sedap! 

Dont hesitate to give it a try yerpz! 
Sedappp sangat, yummms! 
Trust me! 


Anonymous said...

Salam.. Jom singgah sini

Anonymous said...

Salam.. Jom singgah sini

Aishah Shahril said...

sedapnyaaaaaaaa. thanks ya for view my blog . im still new :))

A Girl Like You said...

no prob! :)

A Girl Like You said...

no prob! :)