Sunday, February 23, 2014


One good thing to shop with someone who loves make ups as well, is, u won't feel guilty when u have to enter so much, skincare, cosmetic, or beauty shops!!! HAHAHA! 

YES! That's it!
So, need to spend lotz of time in there, go with the right people! :p Lol!

We usually loves to go out before noon! 
Lunch at sushi king (fyi, izzat suddenly had some phobia toward sushi, macam2! so i need some sushi-mate! hee~), went in to all kind of 'smelling-nice' shops (Bodyshop, l'occitane, crabtree & evelyn etc) , starbucks-ing, and my favourite part was, M.A.C. shopping!!!!! ♡♥

Shopping or even just window shopping is love!!! 

Btw, she is my friend, nadiah aminudin~

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