Saturday, July 27, 2013

#Shopping Haul

Salam. hiii! Still, happy fasting guys!
I've been busy, and i really hate it! I'm having classes almost for the whole week (except for the weekend),
Weekend is something i really looking forward nowadays! Gosh i miss MMU do very much!

But well, i'm not gonna talk bout that right now... Just would like to share my favourite items this week! hmm, all brand new, and just, really love 'em! Enjoy!

4. Vaseline Total Mositure Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

This thing here, i mean this lotion, is really cute... U'll feel hungry when u wear it, u can either spread it onto ur body or spread it on ur bread (okay kidding! =.=)
When my lotion is out of stock i was thinking what to get now and ,wow this chocolattey thingy here looks tempting! and it is, love the smell, love the textures!

3. Tease by Paris Hilton

I did not actually bought this, but i get this for freeee...! Thank Blu Inc! :)
At first i kinda hate the smell, but after using it for couple of days i started to love it! 
Yeayyy my perfume collections becoming bigger! ;)

2. Leopard Metallic Canvas Shopper by Mango

I think i've been bragging about, too many books and dont have a really huge bag for class? So i;ve found the solution, this is it! :p I'm satisfied, for now! ;) In fact, i really loving this bag
Semoga i lebih bersemangat pergi ke kelas yeah!

1. The shoes

Oh oh yes this one! It just a sneak peak! It not that pricy, alah, murah2 je, bukan louboutin pun ;p
But i don't want to reveal it yet la because i think i'm gonna wear it for my convocation! Awww~
Huge secret lah konon, kecoh~~~ :p

Ok enough about that! And now i actually have started my raya shopping, and will continue my shopping mission next week, shopper needs a break too! :p lol... and well, i'll think about it whether to share my shopping haul here or not! Till then! ;)


Valentina Duracinsky said...


Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Puteri Panda said...

I'm new follower here! hehe.. bestnya dapat perfume free! I love Charles & Keith. design cantik. harga pun berpatutan.:)

A Girl Like You said...

Valentina : Hello

Puteri panda : kan! i think so too, murah & cantik2 kan charles & keith! ;)

Anonymous said...

mana boleh dpt beg camtu? simple dan praktikal.nak sumbat buku pun senang. ain gila shopping tudung.hehe..

A Girl Like You said...

oh, beg mcm tu kat Mango ada byk lg design & colors! :)

Anonymous said...

if u don't mind,sila jawab soalan tag ni.

BUNDA a.k.a KN said...

salam ramadhan dari bunda..