Friday, July 19, 2013

Fevrier Design

Salam. hiii!
We're still in the ramadhan mode, fasting mode, i know u're tired, but stay active k!
*macam deejay~*

So, currently i've enrolled into that college, and this new course, is really heavy la, i mean the books, are heavy... 
the course is also tough one, classes dah follow office hours... 

Previously i always bring handbag to class, and hold all my books in my hand, but i'm tired of that now, lenguh tangan iollls! And the distance of the college with the carpark is not near u know... 
Okay since there's a lots of books/reading materials to be brought to class, so i was thinking i need new bags, lots of students bring backpack, but alaaa, backpack looks like highschool :p

Saw these in FashionValet , it catched my eyes! maybe i can consider these Fevrier Design, it seems cute!!!

They are so cute, how can they not catch my eyes?!

All these totes will not cost more than RM40!

And these two with alphabets one, are only RM 33.90 !

Still, not that efficient for me, but still, it cute, doesnt it?!
Macam bags for student kan!

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