Friday, July 2, 2010

SRM Ice-Breaking 2010

One rainy night
Lots of activities
Cute games
Cute new & old members
Cute hicomm =p
Foods that ain't that enough
But i'm pretty sure, everyone's having their own good times, i hope so... =)

Hi-comm intro

the foods!

Eating time!


Pan-da! (konon! =p)
This is kamarul hakim Abd rahim

My group, snake! =)

final game!

*me likeyyy*

final shot =p

"Last night...
Event started around 8.30pm... divide d participants into groups, then introducing the hicomms, sart with games, some of the hicomms busy with the foods and some join the games, then stop a while for a quick grab of foods(fried meehoon & bbq chicken & sausage), then continue with the games...

It quite a fun night! though there's some people went back early, the rest still enjoy the rest of the activities provided! ;) Finally, i just hope, everyone have fun! =D"

p/s : times fly so fast, flashing back to last year, Ice-breaking 2009, i was one of the contestant, having fun out of it, but this year, i'm behind the scene, seeing through stuffs in between an events, seeing how the problems solved, and that gives more satisfaction =) Hmm, dulu peserta, sekarang hicomm, cepat kan setahun...


4613 said...

tahniah sbb menjadi hicom SRM

Afifah said...

thanks, 4631! =)