Friday, November 6, 2009

It really tiring when u have class on very late evening of friday... Soooooo tragis okie!!! 
N today, i've been so malang lar... i dunno why, n feeling pun semacam jer... Hmm... my tears to easy to drop... Juz now i fall down somewhere...I cried not because i fell, or because of the pain, or because my brand new jacket get dirty, but i cried because i have to bangun seorang... Feel like i'm so alone! I have to face the fact that i am... I think i dun have any shoulders to rely on right here... I miss my family(althought they calls me everyday)... They always love me... N i miss nina, iqa... Masa dekat melaka dulu, they always taking care of me... Buy me foods, ubat time i sakit2 mcm tadi, thank u for took care of me, a lotz... Miss u girls!I wish u r here...  It my fault to be so manja kan! Hmm, but life must go on! N i have some semangat, life must go on because life isnt perfect! hee~ =) N i have to be more and more and more and more independent!!! I akan tentukan hidup i! 

Btw, just now there's a talk bout entrepreneurship... It really damn interesting... There's a speaker name UV, and there's two girls, i love the way they talk, the two girls are adorable, nama dia Valarie & can't remember... They not just a pretty face, but their speech is amazing, since their age is around 19-21 too... 

Btw, out of four subjects i took, i find that Managerial Communication kinda interesting pula, coz it more spontaneous... Others more theoretical but best juga lar, coz playing with numbers... Luckily there's no lotza reading subjects like last semester... Hmm~

I wanna watch Pisau Cukur again lar!=(

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