Thursday, November 5, 2009

#Review : Pisau Cukur

Today, i've watch the movie that i can't wait for... Pisau Cukur!!! Serious, it a must watch for me! Filem ni is light and entertaining... Well, what to do, i'm Fazura's big fan! But all other actors pun memang best sgt3x... Especially the new actor, Redza Minhat tu, he's reallyyyy a cutie okie! I first watch him dalam Impian Sunsilk... hihi~ Aaron Aziz is also in the movie! 

This movie is reallllyyyy really good! And it suit my taste well! 
Girlish, cute, funny, mysterious
The most importantly of course, it is a feminine movie

Fazura carried her character realllly well, and Maya Karin is such a beauty in here!

2nd thing is that, their outfits, YEAH, Fazura's & Maya's outfit in here is superbly superbly gorgeous!!!!! 

Fazura as Intan Mastura

Maya Karin as Bella

They are such a sweetheart!!!!! 

So my conclusion of this movie is, expect the unexpected! ;)


Oh man, tomorrow banyaknye class... I ni, kata nak rajin... But actually kira da rajin than previous sem lar ni... haha~ 
And whatever it is, watch Pisau Cukur okie! Great movie! :))

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