Saturday, November 14, 2009

As for my weekend, 14 & 15 november, i am attending a seminar, organized by SIFE...Start Your Own Business seminar... Well, as the speakers said, if i'm not interested i would not attend the seminar, and of course, i attended it because i'm interested and i wanna fill up my weekend... So, overall, there's speaker's speeches and experiences that really leave a footprints, and there's some speakers的话在我脑袋中已经给风吹走了。。。haha~ wat to do... So, the best speaker of all is of course the very first speaker of the day, Datuk Hj. Mohamad Alayuddin Che Hassan... He shared his experiences with us which i think most of the listeners liking it... And talk from En Izam(i think) was helpful too... So, really few people attended this seminar, yang i kenal pun ader tira, qayum, farid, nadia(will only come for the 2nd day jer)... So, free foods for two days... =)

during the talk (p/s:the room is damn cold...)

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