Friday, November 13, 2009

Actually, today, i've done with my impromptu speech... =)) Alhamdulillah, everythin's quite fine i think... ;) So, our BMC class is 10 in d morning tadi... Then after lecturer da siap cakap2 everythin', he asked who wanna start first coz it is volunteer basis... N suddenly, actually, a girl, dia tunduk n raise up her hand, and said "i wanna start first"... Haha, that girl is me lar...! Tiba2 pula i budget berani, angkat tangan n so on...haha =) So, i gotta choose my theme, and he gave me the topic... The theme i've choosen is Favourite n the topic given is Favourite Movie... So, i have to talked about my favourite movie for around 3 minutes... Favourite movie? Tak lar susah sangat... So, i talked about "My Best Friend's Wedding", which is one of my verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy favourite... =D Since i got quite an easy topic, so i can talk quite non-stop for around 3 minutes tu... sekian~

And then, at night, tadi, we(i, tira, tika, nadia, iffah) go to have our dinner deka HB1... Then we walked, melalui jalan yang jauh to go back our hostel... best! Walking at night...!!! And then we borak2 sikit, like Hati ke Hati session... Haha... I enjoyed it girls! =) Next time we do it again, with zaris okie(siapa suruh da balik cepat sgt...)
Hmm~ ;-)
*(photos later)*

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