Friday, September 21, 2018

Fei & Ali

Well, it was my idea to dine here...
Actually i have been mentioning Fei and Ali to my husband for so many times already, because, i terpengaruh dengan gambar-gambar menu diaorang in instagram. 
Too much ya know, all the photos...
Tak percaya, u can go follow them @fei.dan.ali at instagram!

So to satisfy my curiousity and my craving, we went here!
Since hubs and i were both so hungry, both of us ordered rice!


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Phuket : Day 3 (Island Hoping)

25/08/2018 (Saturday) 
Island Hoping

Only surrounded by the oceans today.
For our package, we were in a shared speedboat to James Bond Island, Hong Island and Phang Nga Bay.  

Phuket: Day 2 ( Elephant Sanctuary, Tiger Kingdom)

 24/08/2018 (Friday)
The Royal Pradise Hotel and Spa

In the morning, Rifqi had a morning swim at the pool, before we started our day.

And i just cant get enough of this hotel's lobby.
So i gotta post a bit more of our pictures at the lobby...
More to OOTD pictures ;p 
Thank you for your time :p 

Gotta get this kiddo to have his splashing sesh first.

Phuket : Day 1 (The Royal Paradise, Patong Beach, Patong Night Market)

4 days in Phuket, it was too short, so most of our time were spent around Patong, where we stayed.
We reached Phuket around 11.30am on the first day, so there were plenty of time on the first day...

In the flight... I always bring stickers for him to play whenever we fly...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Farm in the City, Seri Kembangan

Actually, Rifqi has shown his interest towards animals since he was little, like, even before he was one!
Be it wild animals, or little animals that we can touch, he loves it all!

Yeah, i bought a lot of materials like toys or books with animals in it, and he loves to watch things related to animals too.
But his passion and loves towards animals definitely come from himself!

And well now he is two years old, he can talk and tell us what he wants...
And he's been requesting us to take him to the farm... I dont know what kind of farm was in his mind, maybe something he watched from youtube(dont judge me, kids needs youtube too sometimes! :p)
So, hubs and I decided to take him to the Farm in the City, it is near to our house!

Farm in the City

Ticket price : RM37 (Malaysian adult)
RM30 (Children)
However, kids height 90cm and below will not be charged.
So, our Rifqi turned out to be less than 90cm, in our own measurement! ;p Lol.

The place was surprisingly, beautiful, and worth it!

 First, we entered a place called exhibition hall.
We can see a few birds here, some reptiles, and very cute otters!
The otters even put on some show for us! Too Cute!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Short Getaway : KL, Berjaya Hill & Genting Highland

06/05/2018 (Sat)
Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

We decided to take Rifqi for a short getaway, in KL, just for relaxing purpose, and coindcidently, we got free hotel in Genting Highland from a contest, so we went to Genting Highland as well! Weekend well spent! 

Husband booked Concorde Hotel KL as it was among the cheapest during that time...
And the staff was so nice, we got upgraded from a deluxe to a suite room! 

Rifqi favourite part was definitely the swimming part.
Concorde is equipped with one adult pool and one children's pool. 
Just nice for a family time.
I had to go under the water too to accompany Rifqi and his papa =.=

This is why we decided to stay in a hotel with pool in KL first before heading to Genting.
So that Rifqi gotta swim on the Saturday evening and  the Sunday day morning after breakfast.

He was the happiest kid ever!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gula Petite, IOI City Mall

I have been wanting to write about this place since a while.
IOI City Mall is one of the most that my family and I frequently go to, for shopping, dining, window shopping and all.
And one of my favourite cake place, is located here! 

Location of the cafe
There were one night where the shops were almost close, i saw this cake shop (Gula Petite), right after having dinner at Marrybrown. This small bakery is located right infront of the Marrybrown and the Ice Skating Ring.

Monday, July 2, 2018

#Rifqilookbook : Raya for the third time ;)


Definitely in the hues with the whole family.
So, soft mint green it is!

Baju Melayu Johor \\ Custom made by Tokki's tailor in Segamat
Sandals \\ Oshkosh (Kidstyles in the Gardens Mall)
Songkok \\ Jalan TAR
Sampin \\ JariAlana RTW

#OOTD : Raya Pertama

Baju Kurung Kedah (or something) \\ Custom made (fabric from Gulati's)
Scarf \\ Ariani (Ariani all the way this year!)
Shoes \\ Charles and Keith

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Raya Pertama 2018 ♥

As for this year, we celebrated our first day of raya in my hometown, Segamat.
We went back to Segamat on Wednesday night, so we only gotta puasa in Segamat for one day! 
One day is not enough!!! :((
Not much to do already cause we're too busy preparing for raya already.

As usual, the night before raya (malam raya lah!), mama will be very busy cooking raya foods.
And i'll be busy helping (ceh konon!) 
Yeah, yang boleh2 tolong i tolong lah, such as, tolong tengok, tolong makan, tolong membawang... :p
And potong2 sayur ke, or tolong kacaukan kuah bila mama busy benda lain ;p