Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's just an Anniversary dedication post ♥

How time flies, we've married for three years! 

And we've been dating for 9 years? oh wow! I deserved more Pandora charms for sticking with u for 9 years, dont u think Izzat? :p

Happy anniversary to my other half.
I'm not sure whether he'll read this of not, 'cause when we were dating(and when we were still strangers, he read all of my posts, never missed! :p Nowadays, i'm not sure :p 

But anyway anyhow, happy 3 years of marriage, my Izzat sayang! 
Love u till jannah. (The most cliche but true statement ;)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Shanghai : Day 6 (Shanghai Zoo, Qibao Ancient Town, Zhong Hua Niu Rou Mian, Hard Rock Cafe)

16/03/2018 (Sat)

For our 6th day in Shanghai, we have Shanghai Zoo, Qi Bao Ancient Town and Hardrock Cafe in our itenarary. All the places we gonna visit were quite far from the Shanghai City. So my papa decided to charter a car for all of us.

We called Ah Jiang (a taxi driver we met during our visit on the first day.). He was our driver throughout the day. He was so nice and dedicated. It made our day easier!

Shanghai Zoo

 First he took us to the zoo.

The entrance - After purchasing the tickets, we entered the zoo and we were welcomed with a very colourful sights. It gave the good vibes about the zoo and we just can't wait to enter!
So, we took quite a numbers of photos at the entrance. Maklumlah, meghiah sangat entrance nya!

This boy was asleep in the car and just awake...

See, colourful, right!

We were so excited to show him everything inside the zoo!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Shanghai : Day 5 (Pudong Mosque, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Oriental Pearl Tower

16/03/2018 (Fri)

Pudong Mosque

It is normal that whenever we visited any country, the guys will perform the Friday prayers at the local mosque. This time too. We use the google walking map to get the direction to Pudong Mosque, the nearest mosque to our hotel. 

It was quite far, actually. But walking in the cold weather, u feel nothing. 
 Sedar sedar, masjid dah depan mata. It must be good kan if we live in a 4 seasons country, boleh exercise time winter, and kurus, and tak penat. :p 

Every Friday, in front of the mosque, they'll be a lot of Muslim hawkers selling foods, raw and cooked. So, after we all perform our solat, we had our lunch there! 

It feels so good seeing so many Muslims gathered here! 
A lot of Malaysians and Indonesians as well!
Yeah, since in Shanghai, we didn't see any Muslim around, it was really hard to see one, maybe because China is so big, so we can hardly bump into each other.

So, for lunch, macam-macam lah kita beli.
I ate something like kuey teow with some sour sauce. For me, it's nice to eat such thing in the cold weather. 
Papa and mama shared a bowl of noodle soup.
Izzat and my brother ate kebabs.
Besides, we also bought the famous flat bread by the arabic hawker, the chicken/lamb sate, and also the dumplings.

We sat at one of the stall (where we bought the noodles and the kebab), and had lunch there.


Tokki & Rifqi.

Various kind of nuts

Monday, April 30, 2018

Shanghai : Day 4 (The Bund & Huangpu River Cruise)

15/03/2018 (Thurs)

 We checked out from the Novotel Shanghai Clover and move to the Shanghai City.

Eton Hotel, Pudong Avenue

We choosed Eton Hotel throughout our stay in Shanghai City.
When we booked the hotel (from Malaysia), my husband said this hotel is near to the subway station and halal foods. That's the reason we choosed this hotel.
But when we reached here, we can't see any arabic restaurant and such. We thought that it only looks near in a map, but far in reality. 

So we walked around the hotel, and at this one shop, macam gerai-gerai je, i saw a lady who covered her hair, but dia bukak tudung tu, so i thought she was just playing around.
But my father insist to ask, and he asked a guy over there and they said they are muslim and their restaurant is halal. It was written there '清真', which means, halal. I just learnt that word when i was in China. =.=

So whenever it is hard to find halal food, we'll go and tapau food from there.
And i am so sorry that i didnt remember the shop's name, i only went there once. 
Only my husband and my brother go there everyday to tapau food.
And the prices were super cheap i tell u! Even cheaper than mamak kat Malaysia ni!

As for the subway station, yes, this hotel is right in front of the Pudong Avenue Station.

This is how our room looks like.
And that't Rifqi's favourite bath tub.

 The Bund

We took the train from our station (Pudong Avenue) and stopped at Nanjing Road Station.

We have to walk a lot to The Bund Rivercruise, which is our main destination.

So we walk across the ever famous The Bund.
The Bund is like a western side of China with western designated buildings and many many international brands if u want to shop. Brands like H&M, GAP, Uniqlo, Guess, Adidas, Nike etc are everywhere here!

And it was so difficult to get to the Rivercruise, it was so far! 
(And it was so hard to ask China people, even, we speak Chinese, they are not so helpful )
Maybe it is better for u to take taxi there (if u can get one!)
The Bund

Monday, April 23, 2018

Shanghai : Day 3 (Shanghai Disneyland)

14/03/2018 (Wed)

Shanghai Disneyland, this is our 2nd Disneyland and it is Rifqi's first time! 
Shanghai Disneyland is quite funny... I mean, it's different from other counties, in terms of the security, and, it not as efficient as other Disneyland. Others were just fine.

First, we have to walk for miles from parking/train station to the the MAIN entrance! Everytime we thought we saw an entrance, it wasn't the entrance yet :p It is a bit different from Hong Kong Disneyland where the train will stop right in front of the Disneyland entrance, all u have to u is just press the elevator button and walla, we're right in front of the Disneyland.

Shanghai pulak, boleh habis 2 episod cerita Monalisa kat astro prima tu lah, baru sampai entrance :p

And another funny thing is that, the security there have to be very strict, perform spotcheck every seconds, because, there're a lot of illegal sellers who's selling fake Disneyland items inside the Disneyland.
I don't know how they got in...
Mesti guna orang dalam, takpun guna magic! Disneyland kan magical!
Sabar aje lah... Hahaha... 
Makcik2 jual headband and security Disneyland Shanghai dah macam explorace main kejar-kejar dalam Disneyland.

Other than that, Disneyland is just Disneyland, full of rides and fantasies! 


It was cold that morning. Tu yang ada budak tu diam je selubung.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shanghai : Day 2 (Novotel Clover & Shanghai Wild Animal Park)

Well, guys, when i started to update, i'm becoming more and more progressive and i wanted to get it done fast! So, expect a continuous posts about the Shanghai getaway! ♥

 13/03/2018 (Mon)

Novotel Shanghai Clover 

First thing first, we were staying at Novotel Shanghai Clover for the first three nights (12-15/03/2018). 
This is because this hotel is near to the Shanghai Disneyland. So, we set our activities near to this hotel for this two days! Both Disneyland and Shanghai Wild Animals Park are nearer to this hotel, as compared to the city.

The downside is, there is nothing to see, i really mean it, NOTHING to see around this area!
Even shops!!!
As for foods, we always carry an electric rice cooker and we brought foods from Malaysia as well whenever we traveled to a non-muslim country. 

This is how the room looks like, fyi, rooms in China is normal, i mean as for place like Hong Kong, their hotel room is very small and pricey!

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Early morning after breakfast, we walk to the subway station. KangXin Highway Station is the nearest to our place, only 5 minutes of walking distance.

KangXin Highway Station(Line 11) - LuoShan Road(Change to line 16) - Wild Animal Park Station

After that we took a taxi from the station to the Wild Animal Park, it was around 5-10 minutes from Wild Animal Park Station. 

Walking to the KangXin Station. First day morning, semangat amik gambar!!!

Shanghai Wild Animal Park 上海野生动物园

Entrance fees : 130yuan/person

If you ask me is it worth visiting this place? My answer is definitely yes! Big YES!
The entrance fee is 130 yuan per adult.
And for feeding the animals, u need to pay for another 20 yuan per adult.
I totally understand why. I think this is to control the crowd inside the animal shelters so that the animals won't be too shock with the China people. No offence. China people is kinda "wild"... 
Is it offensive? Sorry... 

Rifqi was so excited even from the entrance.
Actually, even from Malaysia, i've already told him that we gonna sit on a flight, check into a hotel, and then go feed giraffe, elephants and so on the next day.
So he was already excited from the start. He kept on asking me about feeding giraffe everyday.

So today is the day!
He's the happiest kid on the planet today!
He really loves animals, and i'm sooo happy seeing he's so overjoyed

This is at the entrance. And Rifqi kissed all the pandas there =.=

Baru nampak Flamingo dah amaze, tu belum masuk dalam lagi tuuu... <3 br="">

Monday, April 9, 2018

Shanghai : Day 1 & Tips and Tricks to Shanghai.

I've been thinking, keeping the post for too long, is not a good idea...

 Salam, all!

Well, for those who has been following my insta feed(which would probably are my friends), would know that I went to China last month, for vacation. Shanghai, to be specific. 
They might be annoyed with all my insta posts as well, maybe i posted too many photos from the trip. 
I'm annoyed with myself, too...
(typing this while fixing my mask on my face...)

Well, why China? Easy, cause we still can only afford Asia! :p
Hahaha... (It's such a relieve to be honest, phew)

And this is a trip with my entire family, so my papa always always prioritize his grandson...
So we have to make sure our itenarary/activities includes Rifqi the most!
Got it, Izzat? (he's the tour guide a.k.a. the trip planner)

Shanghai is such a perfect choice when we do research!
Especially we are travelling with a toddler.
Short flights(with transit somemore), many animals places, and (definitely) Disneyland

So many things to share about Shanghai... But i would like to share a few tips and facts here, before i start off with all the entries of the places we've visited!

1. I speak Chinese (Mandarin). 

Only people who went to China would know that, language is such a barrier, there! In my experience, only like 5% of them knows English?! I'm not trying to brag, but, am I right, whoever went to China before?
Taxis, hotels, attractions, u better name them in Chinese, write it on a paper or something.
The best way is, (which most of the people do), hire a tourist guide, real tourist guide.

But fyi, we didnt have any tourist guide but ourselves. It was quite hard at first, but it gets easier! Practice makes perfect!

2. China is cheap.

Yes, in terms of taxis, halal foods, as well as shopping.
I went to Korea, and the foods are wayyy more expensive. And Japan, of course u cannot compare the prices to Japan!
The taxis in Shanghai City(not any rural area) is cheap, but make sure the taxis are using metre.If they're not, then tipah mungkin tertipu. We encounter the same situations as well when we were not staying in the city for day one and two! We stayed a bit far from the city(but near to the Disneyland and the Animal Park), and the taxis prices were $%&*^(@...

For foods, most of the places, the prices started from 10 yuan. Isnt that cheap? 

3. Shanghai is huge.

Well, to go to some of the places, u need to use car. OR else, u gotta change a lot of trains(which is tiring, and lost of times).

 That's all for now, u gotta read all my posts cause i'm gonna share more...  

Well, stay tune to my entries k! Really appreciate it!

Day 1 , Day 2Day 3 , Day 4Day 5 , Day 6 , Day 7 , Day 8

Rifqi last trip in bassinet.

He enjoyed it a lil bit too much. YES, enjoy it kiddo while u can!

He kept on telling the stewardess "nak dodok" (duduk), when the stewardess take back the bassinet, nasib stewardess HK, tak paham melayu...

Hello Shanghai, Rifqi is here!!!
Part 2...

Monday, March 5, 2018

Final birthday celebration of 2X18 @ Essence, Sheraton KL.

And we celebrated my birthday with my whole family at the Essence @ Sheraton KL.
We always loves the buffet there! The foods are fresh and very delicious.

And we were lucky for during our visit there there are Sri Lankan foods on the buffet table.
So, we gotta taste the delicacies from Sri Lanka as well.
Yang chef Sri Lanka nya kemain semangat paksa2 i try their foods.
Lucky that my taste buds can accept any taste!

And my favourite of all was definitely their sushis and sashimis.
I keep on going back to the sushi sections to top up my sashimis.

While there is a section that serves various kind of noodle soups.
From Tom Yum, Curry, or just plain soup u can choose from! 
So senang lah we can take kuey teow soup for Rifqi and top them up with his favourite fish balls and broccoli. And there is freshly cooked pasta too, so Rifqi can have his white sauce pasta as well! 
So we can eat buffet dengan tenang while Rifqi menyepahkan meja bila dia dah kenyang!

We really loves the buffet here, and their service & reasonable price always kept us coming back here!

My favourite! Rasa nak lari pergi Sheraton sekarang!

I love u Rifqi, husband, papa, mama & adik! I know u'll always stand by my side on my good or bad times...Thank u Allah for giving me these!

Birthday mama lagi ye sayang, jangan ingat birthday Iqi pulak...

My everything.

Mula lah tu, bila ada benda yang kita halang dia buat...

Pengampu no.1 Tokki.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Birthday Celebration @ Colonial Cafe, The Majestic Hotel

Well, my husband, always tried to surprise me during my birthday, always try to do something out of the box, and twisted his words so that i couldn't guess where he's taking me, and what presents he bought for me...
His tongue always got twisted on my birthday... 
Walaupun always tak romantic one... 
Well, i realized, romantic is not that crucial, but love and responsibility is wayyy important in marriage, dengar k adik2!

So this year, here we are, he choosed the Colonial Cafe, The Majestic Hotel KL to celebrate my birthday...
We came during tea time, and the tea set by the Colonial Cafe is all set, we cannot choose, and we cannot order ala carte as well, everything is set... 

Once we were seated, they will bring the desserts set for two for each table...
(if table tu ada 4 orang, then they'll bring TWO tea time set for two... Kalau 6 orang, THREE tea time set for two... nak i teruskan ke?)

In that said set, they have scones, cakes, sandwiches, and also some savouries like tartlets etc. 

Ok la, everything is sedap, if u're a sweet tooth, that's better!
But if u skip lunch for this, maybe u should bawak bekal or something... :p 
It just light tea time set, and since everything was sweet, so, tak kenyang sangat lah... :p

And finally, my birthday cake came in with the staffs singing happy birthday song for me... 
Guess who's excited? Yes, of course not Izzat, of course Rifqi yang excited!
And guess how many times we have to borrow the staff lighter to let him blow the candle over and over?

Well, I'm the happiest woman on earth, thank u papa Rifqi and Rifqi! Love u both till eternity ♥