Monday, August 21, 2017

Clothing Color Combinations Ideas

Starting Monday with a beneficial entry like this! Erm... I'm lovin' it!
Color coordinations & combinations is very important to me... Wearing the right outfits, with the right hijab, carrying the right handbag and then walk in the right shoes, it all matters to me! 
I don't want to be the centre of attractions with the wrong reason...

Oh one more thing, i don't prefer color blocking, but i would wear 'em once in a while...
My most favourite is pastel colors, and i would wear them often! 

Anyway, here's are some color combinations ideas i would like to share! 
I ranked them from my most favourite, to the least (but still favor)!

Pink to grayed jade

Pink & turquoise

Color layers

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rifqi's Birthday Celebration - Rifqi turns 1!

Maybe my sequences of entries update are quite miserable... Pardon me for that! So now, i would like to update on Rifqi's birthday party which were held on 23rd July, during raya this year!

My parents suggested that it best to have the celebration on Raya 'cause Rifqi's actual birthday falls one day before Ramadhan...

On the 23rd morning, my mom and i were so busy in the kitchen while Izzat & my brother busy hanging up the balloons outside the house, Rifqi just watched BabyTV by himself while waiting for his tokki to buy roti canai for our breakfast...
Time flies so fast and we didnt realize that it finally 1pm and we should go get ready!
(Rifqi was fast asleep with his papa already around 11am something, so that he'll be full of energy to blow the candle later!)

We finally ready at around 2pm++, where, the guests already arrived...
And the cutting cake ceremony is held around 3pm++!

Rifqi doesn't understand much, but he was happy when the candles were light up! 
And we got busy with the guests until, evening... Rifqi too!

The preparations 

Thinking and imagining things is hard, since i'm not creative kind of person...
So all i can think about is, what are we (me, husband & rifqi) going to wear; how to, a lil bit, decorate the house; and what to put on the desserts table...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Melur & Thyme, KLCC

Melur and Thyme is my personal favourite restaurant... Ever since i tried the ramadhan menu last 2 years, i always wanted to dine in Melur & Thyme but hasn't got a chance(1st, because we seldom lepak at KLCC; 2nd, sometimes we forgot about Melur & Thyme when we lepak there)...

But ever since i followed their instagram, i always keep an eye on their posts, they never failed to make me feel hungry... 

Another reason that i love this restaurant so much is, the obtained their Halal status from the Malaysian government, despite of how hard nowadays to find a good restaurant with the halal status!

So on a Wednesday where my husband took a day leave, we took Rifqi to KLCC and i suggested Melur & Thyme for lunch! Hee! :p

My Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger, RM32

Husband's Grilled Herb Chicken Chop, RM29

Fries for Rifqi, RM10


We loves all the foods and so happy with it!!!

We have tried their western foods as well as their malay dishes, i am happy with the foods!
SOOOO gonna go back to try out their pasta!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rifqi's Birthday Party OOTD

Rifqi's birthday party is over, and now it's time to sorts everything out and eternelize (wah ayat aku) it here! 
First, lets see what Rifqi was wearing ;)
Walaupun pakai tak sampai berapa jam... :p

Shirt, shorts & braces \\ H&M
Shoes \\ Adidas

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rifqi turns 1

Hello everyone...
This is a delayed entry actually... Sorry for that...

Rifqi's actual birthday was in May, right before Ramadhan month, and the three of us went out to have a small celebration, just us, since we knew we gonna throw a party later... 

It's a very simple celebration, to introduce cake and candle to Rifqi... Lol...
We bought a slice of cake, and had late lunch at Fish & Co., and Rifqi was happy when we sand the birthday song for him...
But he's still in the mid of trial period for blowing candle, failed misserably... So, his mama just blew 'em for him! :)

Happy birthday my beloved son, I couldn't tell how much i love u, but one day, sooner or later, u'll know... ♥
Mama & papa loves u so much, Muhammad Rifqi Taqiuddin Bin Mohammad Izzat...
Semoga anak mama sentiasa bahagia dunia akhirat... Mama will always love u...  
 (you'll open my blog and read this, one day... i know :p)

A birthday we-fie

A kiss for u on the day u turned 1 ;)

I don't know why but he seems malu-malu on that day :p

"Haih... Where la is my mashed potatoes..."

Myeongdong Topokki, One Utama

We went out on a weekend, and it was Mother's Day that day (just saying)...
And I, still having post vacation blues(agaknya)... Keep on craving for Korean food, wahahaha!

Found this one Korean eatery at One Utama(new wing), Myeongdong Topokki... It is a small kiosk (but with chairs and tables), and it is very near to the Cold Storage... And it is halal certified, by the government! 
I'm more than happy to dine there!


Serves various kind of Korean dishes such as Topokki, Ramyun(yang macam magi2 tu), rice etc.
And they served various side dishes as well...

I ordered Soondubu Jigae(beef), RM 17.80; while my husband ordered Bulogi, RM 17.80...


The main dishes prices ranging from RM 15 and above. But all the main dishes are served with 3 side dishes (like any other Korean eatery) which are Kimchi(for sure) and some veges/bilis...

I am more than happy about their foods... I've tried out two branches (One Utama & Paradigm branches)... I'm a satisfied customer!
Happy trying guys!

His beef bulgogi

My Jiggaee

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The 2nd Anniversary : Dinner @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL

Nothing much on our anniversary, it just, this year, we celebrate it with our first born... 
And the best thing is, he can eat together with us already...

Husband, as usual, gave me a few options... 
And finally here we are, having buffet at Essence @ Sheraton Imperial KL.
Rifqi could eat a lot of things already, he ate pasta, brocolli, cakes etc.

My favourite was the sushi corner of course! 

And  the service here is splendid! Thumbs up!
Anyway, happpy 2nd anniversary, love! 
Love u!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Seoul Beauty Hauls

Hi loves! 
So after a few pages of long posts about my trip to Seoul, Korea, now it is time for the exciting part, I am about to share the skincare and beauty products i've purchased throughout my days in Korea.
Well as we all know, Korea is well known for the beauty products... 

And i have to admit one thing, all the Korean ladies are all well groomed, tidy and so fashionable regardless of their age and jobs...
Salute for that!

 So my hotel were surrounded by so many shops of all brands, as well as drugstores...
So i've been eyeing on that since day one i'm in Seoul!

However, regarding the prices, if people are telling u it is cheaper to buy Korean products in Korea, they are wrong, as, due to currency rate, the difference between the prices in Malaysia & Korea might be only a few cents... 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Raya 2017

Salam Aidilfitri and hello everyone!
Finally we are in the Raya month! 
It's time for me to make an update on our raya this year :)

Well, this is Rifqi's 2nd year of Raya... He is one year old this year, and we are so excited to celebrate this raya with him for the 2nd year!

 This year, we celebrated our first day of Raya with husband's family... Went back to Temerloh on the 1st raya and then went back to my kampung in Segamat on the 2nd day of raya, Temerloh and Segamat are quite near, and it so convenient... Stayed at Segamat for a few days...

On the 4th and 5th day of raya, we went back to Muar and then Johor Bharu to pay a visit to our relatives...

And of course, in Muar, it a must to have their famous Mee Bandung and Sate...
We had the best time at Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah... They served the best mee bandung!!! Yumms! 

Okay, that's all for now... and scroll down for our lil family OOTD!    
Loves and hugs!

1st day of raya at in laws' house...

4th raya OOTD! Hello Muar!

Mee Bandung paling sedap di Muar @ Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah

Getting ready for JB... Wearing blue today!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#Resepi : Kuey Teow Goreng (Afifah style)

Gosh, i love making simple dish like this, cause i love eating dishes like this!
Fried Kuey Teow is one of my very favourite! Especially with crunchy bean sprout & tomatoes inside! Yumms!

So here's the recipe for 2-3 people!

Kuey Teow (450g) 
Cili Boh (mine dah siap blend with bawang putih & bawang merah)
Sos tiram (2 sudu besar)
Sos Cili (2-3 sudu besar)
Udang kering (ikut keselesaan) - direndam kemudian ditumbuk
Udang basah
Daun sup & daun bawang

Cara2 :
1. Panaskan minyak. Tumis cili boh sehingga naik bau.

2. Masukkan udang kering dan tunggu hingga kelihatan agak garing.

3. Masukkan udang/sotong/ayam/fishball/fishcake/batang sawi, dan goreng untuk seketika...

4. Masukkan sos tiram & sos cili, kemudian kacaukan rata.

5. Masukkan air dalam secawan setengah (atau lebih kalau nak kuey teow basah2, i love to put more water)...

6. Tunggu hingga mendidih, masukkan kuey teow & sayur2... Kacau rata & siap!

7. Tabur bawang goreng, daun sup & serve 'em! ♥