Saturday, February 11, 2023

First Family Camping: Dusun Pak Abu Campsite Review

 Assalamualaikum & hi!

Looking for campsite that near to KL? Campsite yang ada sungai cantik and sejuk and best?
And paling penting campsite yang masih mengekalkan keindahan & orininality alam semula jadi?

Jom, I take you to Dusun Pak Abu Campsite, located at Hulu Rening, Batang Kali.

This is our first experience, camping with Rifqi!
Basically it's Rifqi's first experience lah...

Dusun Pak Abu, Hulu Rening, Batang Kali

Read and found a lot a lots of good reviews about Dusun Pak Abu, so we decided to give it a try...

Dusun Pak Abu is located inside a private orchard which they already transform into a campsite.

A U-shaped river right beside the campsite give us campers more privacy to swim and enjoy the water activities.

Acik kantin in action!

Dusun Pak Abu also consists of A FEW CAMPSITES: Tapak Tanjung, Tapak Pulasan, Tapak Rambutan & Tapak Induk.

Some of the facilities at this Dusun Pak Abu includes: 

①Electricity source and plug points near to the tent.
②Toilets, bathrooms & sinks at every campsites
③Parking right next to your campsites
④Tube rental
⑤Grocery shop & food stall
⑥Safety wise, this campsite is very safe because there're 24 hours supervision by the Camp Operator/Owner

The Price


The Camping Plan

Ok lets jump to the story of how this camping trip was planned...
Actually, my friends Ratna, Intan, Gee & I was planning to go camping together, so kita pilih2 one date, and then, wait for the DAY...

however, on the planned date itself, only Ratna & I (and our little family) can continue with this plan, so we just proceed with this camping plan...

Things got more fun because Rifqi can play with Ratna's kids, Sara & Aimar, so all the kids won't get bored 💕
So thanks to Ratna for making this happen!

Our campsite

We choosed Tapak Rambutan. And our tapak were R1 & R2.
Fyi, all the campsites in Dusun Pak Abu are located right beside the river, because the river here is U-shaped.

So we can totally hear the sound of the river flowing, so calm...

Tent and camping equipments

Since we are the FIRST TIMER, we decided not to buy much stuffs yet because husband cakap "Takut nanti entah bila lagi baru kita camping, so kita try dulu tengok suka ke tak"...

And then we riki2, samada nak sewa je khemah ni...
Tapi lucky us, Izzat's clique cum business partner, he and his wife adalah campers tegar, so memacam jenis tent dia ada, so he just lent us his tents, including equipments like all the lights, ground sheet, fly sheet...

As for chairs and table, we just brought our own...
Beli sikit2 je and bawa je apa ada...

We also bought our own stove...
Penting tu, bab makan2 penting eh!

Ratna pulak, her equipments memang lengkap, so masa makan we will eat together with her family at her table... Dining table atgitew...

Food sources

As for the food, we brought dried food like meehoon, instant noodles, and also junk food...
Veges pun i bawa juga, untuk rencah masakan...

As for the frozen food/ingredients, we place it inside an icebox with lots of ices... 
So ok jer untuk bawa ayam, kuih-kuih frozen, nuggets, and we also bawa soft drinks uols! 😆

Meehoon Goreng by yours truly for breakfast

Mandi2 rasa lapar, naik atas bukak api goreng sausages!

Yang WAJIB ada: Sos Perap Mamasab. memudahkan untuk memasak, roger I untuk order!

Main activities

Basically, we mandi sungai, masak, makan, repeat.

And the kids gotta play with each others.

Plus point in Dusun Pak Abu, we also gotta have durian since it was durian season when we were there!

Overall experience

If u ask me, I definitely would say that we will definitely repeat this family camping activity since Rifqi pun love it so much!

Just gotta find the right timing and right season to ensure that our safety is number 1. 
But also, we just gotta doa banyak2 and behave well whenever we're in a new place atau erti kata lain, bila kita kat tempat orang 💓

And  we will definitely repeat Dusun Pak Abu since it is one of the best campsite (according to Ratna too as she is a campers)

Contact details

For more details of Dusun Pak Abu Campsite, kindly refer to their contact details as per below :


Phone Number
010-258 6536

FMVR+C8, Kampung Hulu Rening, 44200 Batang Kali, Selangor

Waze: Dusun Pak Abu

Check in & Check out Time
1pm & 12pm


  1. Bestnya camping tepi sungai kak. Nampak kawasan ni bersih dan tak ramai orang. Nanti nak plan lah ke sini.

  2. ramai suka camping sini. masih belum berkesempatan nak try campsite ni. nampak menarik

  3. Omg... this is so fun and a great experience too, I m planning a camping trip with my family soon

  4. Menarik ye! Best juga full camping mcm ni kan! Sure tenang jer tempat ni. Boleh plan la with my friends nanti.. love to experience it too!

  5. this looks like such a fun and exciting camping site for the whole family! definitely interested to check it out too

  6. Wah! Menarik. Boleh la masuk kat dalam our family's camping list. Kitorang pun suka pergi camping ramai-ramai. Seronok. Sambil-sambil tu, boleh juga nikmati suasana alam semulajadi kan.

  7. Nak tanya, ni tapak nombor berapa ye? Ada suggestions tak tapak mana yang view depan sungai cantik?

    1. yang saya book ni tapak rambutan R1 & R2. Tapak ni best lah saya suggest lagi2 untuk yg ada budak kecik, sebab turun bawah sikit je ada tempat mandi cetek & berbatu2...Kalau amik R1 dapat extra space kat tepi...Area Kem Pulasan & Tanjung tu best jugak saya nampak, airnya dalam...Induk jauh sikit daripada air...