Friday, February 15, 2019

Universal Studio Singapore 2019

Maybe i never mentioned anywhere in this blog before, Rifqi loves Sesame Street so much! And he knows every characters in Sesame Street.

That's why his papa has been wanting to take his son to the Universal Studio so much.
So we decides, January is the best time.

We traveled there with a travel agency, so we have to gather early in the morning to catch our bus.
But this time, the agency were really dissapointing. 
Ignore that, lets get back to the USS.


21/01/2019 (Mon)

Rifqi slept all the way in the bus. And when he opened his eyes, we already in front of the USS.
I think he knows what to expect, 'cause he has been to Disneyland before, so the surrounding of the entrance is more or less the same.

He's exciting and try to look around, eventhough he's still sleepy.

First thing i did when we reach is, take a photo in front of the USS Globe; and second, i changed Rifqi's diapers in the ladies, there's a baby changing table there. 

The 'must have' photo.

 New York

Our first pitstop was, of course the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.
Luckily that Rifqi is tall enough for the ride.

We straight away lined up for the ride. Since it was our first ride, and Rifqi's head maybe still in La La Land, he enjoyed the ride but get cranky at times, he said he's scared of the dark =.=

But anyway, I enjoyed this ride so much!

So sedih real sesame street characters didnt showed up. Only managed to met these!

While lining up for Sesame Street Spaghetti Spaca Chase

And the line getting longer. Lucky that we're among the earliest.

With my not-so-awake-yet boy.

And this is where we shopped for Iqi's souvenirs. 

Ancient Egypt

Our next stop was, Ancient Egypt
We knew Rifqi was a bit hungry already, but we had to squeezed our time so that we can go for more rides, so we join the long queue of the Tresure Hunters ride.

Rifqi hates the waiting game. But he enjoyed the ride a lil bit too much.
He asked us to take him once more, which, mak tak sanggupppp...

So, he got cranky, again =.=

Far Far Away Land

We must feed Rifqi already!
Been wanting to try out the Goldilocks Cafe since last time, so, we headed there! 
Semangat beli ayam fries semua for Rifqi so that he'll eat something, but he still cranky, cause he wanted to go on more rides first.

Cranky sebab lapar, tapi cranky nak naik rides! =.=

I loves the foods from Goldilocks Cafe.  But of course they cannot beat Mel's Drive In's burgers. 

Muka macam tak cranky, kan! Tapi, hanya Allah je yang tau :p hahaha

Loves the chicken! And the potato ball

Besides having lunch here, we also managed to catch the Shrek 4-D adventures.
Glad that Rifqi knows how to enjoy them already!

Tak sanggup nak line up for Magic Portion Spin. Kecik sangat ride nya, habis tu nak beratur sampai berapa lama...

The Lost World

And we headed to The Lost World and catch the rides that we've missed.
Only managed to go for Dino Soarin'.

Wanted to go for Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure but they said Rifqi was not tall enough.
Padahal kat Everland Seoul, ok je Rifqi nai ride sebijik macam ni... Baru 8 bulan kot masatu...
Lantak sana...

Dino Soarin' time...

Rifqi and mama... Gayat tau mama...


And another ride that we shouldn't missed is the King's Julien Beach Party Go Round.
It's just another merry-go-round, with Madagascar Characters.
Rifqi's mood's dah ok sikit masa ni, cause i've forced him to eat the foods we pack from Goldilocks just now. He enjoyed the rides very much!

And the next ride we went to was the Madagascar-The Crate Adventure.
It's a boat ride, with Madagascar characters.
No proper photos of this ride :(

Kings Julien Beach Party Go Round


And afte we head back to Hollywood and New York again to take pictures, shop, dine, and to see what we've missed.

USS is not too big (like those Disneylands that we've been to) so we totally can pusing like two three rounds of the whole place.

My favourite spot, and my favourite picture.
We're in Hollywood.

Popcorn in a theme park is a must!

Mel's Drive In - Izzat and i totally loves this place. We loves the burgers a lil bit too much!
Started to miss this place already :(
Rifqi ate the burger with me, as well!

And Rifqi's favourite popcorn.

New York

And last but not least, we headed back to New York for capturing some beautiful moments there! 

Andddd, to catch Rifqi's favourite show Elmo's TV Time!!!

Luckily we managed to catch this show before heading back!
This is the highlight for Rifqi!!! He got really starstruck during this show! 

So glad that he loves it!

Tak berkelip tengok Elmo's TV Time

We're in New York.

Reminiscing the last time i visited this place few years back! Now, i'm with this kiddo. 

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