Sunday, February 17, 2019

Johor Bharu, Johor Darul Takzim

Of course, when we're in JB, we took the opportunity to eat, eat and eat.

As a pure Johorean, i totally miss every single Johor foods that i used to had in my hometown.
In my hometown, Segamat, i can always have lontong, soto, mee rebus, mee kari etc for breakfast in most of the warung there.
And the Segamat Beriani Gam, is one of the special dish that stays in my heart and mind, always.

Roslin Beriani House, Kebun Teh

Once we reached JB, we googled what's best to fill up our stomach for lunch.
Nasi Beriani sounds good after the long journey, and most of the website suggested Roslin Nasi Beriani which located at Kebun Teh.

At first, i thought it was beriani gam, like usually served in Johor, but it wasn't.
Despite of my dissapointment, the mouth watering beriani totally put a smile on my face.

We ordered one Lamb Beriani and one Chicken Beriani, and one Soto Nasi for Rifqi.
Every single element served on our table melts in the mouth.
The tenderness of  the chicken and the lamb is fall-of-the-bone were totally memorable.

The soto was really nice, too!

Will definitely comeback for more whenever we're in JB in the future.

Beriani ayam (RM11), Beriani Kambing (RM13), Soto(RM7)
if i'm not mistaken

Jalan Dhoby

Went to Jalan Dhoby straight away, to grab the breads from Salehuddin Bakery.
Konon for breakfast tomorrow, but, we didnt know that we need to come early to get the best roti here.
So we were there at 4pm+, only a few flavours left.
So we decided to come again the next day!

Since we didnt get our breads, i just get this boy to strike a lil pose for pictures ;p

Zoo Johor

And, when we were in the car, out of nowhere, Rifqi cried and said he wants zoo.
"nak zoo animals, nak zoo animals..." katanya...
Rupanya he saw some poster with tiger in it, bukan poster zoo pun, tapi dia nak zoo jugak =.=
Lucky that at a junction, we suddenly saw the signboard to the zoo, and we straight away turned to our right and, we are in front of the zoo already! ;)
It is near to the Istana Bukit Serene and also Masjid Negeri.

The ticket was only RM1 each person.

And there were quite a lot of animals there. And most of them were hiding...
So clever those animals!

Poney ride.

Camel feeding.

And tiger watching with papa.

Medan Selera Larkin Bomba

At night, after checked in to the hotel and rest a bit, we went out to look for dinner.
We decided to come back to the Medan Selera Larkin (we were here, once upon a time).

The foodcourt was not too crowded, and most of the stalls were closed.
Maybe they only open during day time.
But we still managed to get our craving fixed.

Got our Kacang Pool Haji & a bowl of authentic mee rebus!
While for Rifqi, we ordered a plate of mihun goreng taknak pedas (his favourite).

That's how we ended our first day of JB trip.
And we went to USS the nxt day.

The Kacang Pool was superb.
And the mee rebus was so nice and spicy! I like it that way!

Hotel Puteri Pacific JB

And on the 2nd day, we stayed at Puteri Pacific, cause it's near to the town, and the pasar karat.
But we didnt even went to the Pasar Karat, cause we were too tired  exploring USS during the day!

ZZ Sup Tulang JB

For the 2nd night, we went out and search for dinner.
And we decided to try the famous ZZ Sup Tulang.

Browsing thru the menu, i decided to tryout their Mee Bandung, I crossed my finger and hoping it's gonna be good.
While Izzat ordered Mee Rebus, since it's our last night in JB.
While for Rifqi, we ordered him a chicken soup with rice.

The Mee Rebus and Mee Bandung were RM8 each. And the chicken soup wasn't that pricey either.
Sorry i couldnt remember the exact price.

Pokoknya, the foods in JB are quite cheap!

Oh, regarding the foods, they were good, except for, they were quite salty :p

Mee Rebus Daging

Mee Bandung

Salahudin Bakery

And yeayyy, finally i gotta taste their roti.
I bought quite a lot of Roti. I bought red bean bun, kaya bun, butter sugar bun, a loaf of plain bread, banana cake and their homemade kaya! All of the breads and buns were so good!
Happy that i gotta tried 'em.

And after borong their roti, we walked around the shoplot there  before head home.

Anyway, i still sempat to grab a punjabi suit at the Indian Street there. 

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